Baseball Hall of Fame. Not

Although I live in Chicago, I’m a transplanted Clevelander and am neither a Cubs nor White Sox fan. So I can say with a certain degree of objectivity that it’s ridiculous that Ron Santo can’t even come close to getting elected by the newly redesigned Veteran’s Committee. When you compare this guy’s career record, with some of the players who are already in, it’s practically criminal.

Well, they redid the Veterans Committee structure this year, making it more of a straight vote like the BBWAA vote instead of the traditional smoke-filled room that led to Jesse Haines getting in the Hall. This will make it harder for the VC to get people in, which in itself is probably a good thing. They will also only meet every two years, I think.

That said, Santo’s absence from the hall is just plain silly. One of the top five third basemen ever and twice the hitter Brooks Robinson was.

Marvin Miller should be in, too.


The problem with the new system (which indeed is every two years) is that a lot of the people on the VC now (including Mike Schmidt) have the opinion “Well, if they couldn’t get in as a regular player, why should they be Hall of Famers now?”.

Which basically goes to show that the VC has the same head-in-ass political mindset about the HoF as the BBWAA.

Realize that nobody has ever been a unanimous HoF choice? NOBODY! You can bet that SOMEONE will not vote for Cal Ripken Jr., when he’s eligible.

I think that all the BBWAA voters should have to make their ballot public. Force Joe Smith to justify why he didn’t vote for Player X instead of this smug bullshit that goes on now.

Yes, the BBWAA has a problem with unanimous selections, and this ludicrous distinction between first ballot people and the rest, but most the Hall’s bad picks are Veterans Committee choices.

The VC should not have the responsibility of filling out the Hall with Jesse Haines, George Kelley and Roger Maris. It should address managers, umpires, builders, 19th century players, Negro Leaguers and in the odd case a major leaguer who slips through the cracks. In this last case, the case should be overwhelming.

On this year’s ballot, only Santo reached that level.


I think they are also trying to raise the bar a bit. We’re in an era of inflated stats right now and if the Hall standards aren’t raised, there’s an army of players now playing who will make the Hall.

Ron Santo couldn’t even get the pity vote. The poor guy had his last leg amputated this year.

I also thought Whitey Herzog should have made it in the Hall as a manager. Every team he managed did well and he innovated things like the double switch.