Basketball: The Most Unexpectedly Most Addicting Physics-Based Flash Puzzle Game Ever

Online Games’ Basketball is a shoot the hoops game in which players have to get the ball through the basket as many times as they can in under two minutes. The further the ball is from the basket, the more points you score when you successfully make the shot. A multiplier bonus is also awarded if you manage to put the ball through the basket without it touching the metal hoop. Players can create profiles, join groups, and compete for a place at the top of the high score table with colleagues or friends.

(via Indie Games)

Yes, this is a very cool game.
The feeling of exhilaration when you make a half-court shot compensates nicely for the twenty misses in a row.

I like it too. I tend to undershoot a lot, but I’m getting better. It’s a nice little time waster.

It reminds me of NBA Jam, but without the repetitive back-and-forth and auto aim.

Might have been interesting, but its continuously forcing itself into full-screen mode pissed me off too much for me to care.

Now maybe if the basketballs exploded…

The mother of all games, heh. Spent so much time with that bad boy.

My second game:
Total Score: 111.69 M

I thought I did well, but it probably sucks!

At no point did I think this was the best flash puzzle game ever.

Those rims are tight. It’s hard to get a shooters roll of them!

It’s fun, thanks.

I didn’t like the full screen thing either; makes it difficult to play at work.

And this totally isn’t better than Robot Dinosaurs That Shoot Beams When They Roar, which is the greatest flash game ever.

Yo peacedog I’m really happy for you and I’mma let you finish but Miami Shark is the greatest flash game of all time. Of all time!

This is like a really boring version of Nanaca Crash.

Ditto. I thought this was one reason I used Firefox.

This is like a really boring version of Nanaca Crash.

Other than both of them being flash games, how are they related?

I started group QT3.

Group code:

(Edit - the group stuff seems to be disabled for the time being…)

(Re-Edit - and now the group stuff seems to be working again…)

I’ve been playing global games. I finally broke past the 95% percentile with a 169.5 game.

I’ve been estimating the halfway point using my left hand, and adjusting further to the left a bit depending on how much below the basket the ball is. seemed to work well.

It says the group stuff is working again but it doesn’t seem to do anything when I enter the code. What’s supposed to happen?

I like it.

I can get 90% pretty reliably although I occasionally have a total fail. Broken Top Ten once at number 10 though there were only 800 people on at the time.

Yeah, the group seems to be working now.

Difference appears to be that rather than competing against ~2000 random people from around the world, you’re competing against the other people who’ve played with the QT3 code (including multiple plays with the same ID). Also, under Group Settings, you can see a ranking list of those who’ve played with the QT3 code. At the moment, Quaro is on top of a short list.

I wish it would still show the global ranking at the end alongside the group stuff.