Batgirl - Barbara Gordon in 2022?

Well now I really want to see this movie.


You can’t make this stuff up. The only thing crazier will be if Ray Fisher enters the chat.

Insiders added that studio brass loves the film’s directors and star, and are actively planning to work with them soon.

This part is hilarious to me. “You made a movie that went over budget, cost $90 million, and isn’t even good enough for our streaming service, but we totally love you.”

*Please don’t sue us like Scarlett Johansson.

According to the rumor mill, HBOMax may be in danger of being put out to pasture by the new owners, which kind of explains why this movie isn’t just being dumped there.

Still kind of weird to not just sell it to some other streaming service if that’s the case.

Edit: And Hollywood Reporter is confirming it.

Insiders say that big budget films made directly for streaming no longer financial make sense under the company’s new strategy. In June, Zaslav tapped MGM’s Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy to run Warners, replacing Toby Emmerich.

Warner Bros Discover leadership had been looking to find $3 billion in cost-savings after the merger of WarnerMedia and Discovery closed in April.

How can it be cheaper to just drop 90 million instead of doing something with the movie?

I guess the logic is this:

  1. We want DC property movies to be big-budget theater releases only.
  2. We’re either killing HBO Max or folding it into Discovery+, but either way we’re not paying for streaming-only DC movies going forward.
  3. Batgirl, at $90 million is only good enough for streaming, so we’d need to sink another $100 million in reshoots and effects to bring it up to theater tentpole par. And add another $100-150 million for theater marketing.
  4. Batgirl has no home without HBO Max, so it’s gotta go.

Crazy times.

They’d have to market it, and if they feel it damages the brand they’ll figure it’s better to just abandon it.

Keep in mind that according to the reports of the initial Discovery takeover, those execs were having fits when they learned how much WB spent on the Snyder Cut version of Justice League.

The crazy thing is Max is doing quite well, both critically and commercially. HBO and HBO Max have tons of must-watch originals, the most Emmy nominations, and 77 million subscribers at the end of 2021. Meanwhile, the Peacocks of the world are lost in the woods.

I said it in another thread, but this is all David Zaslav. Dude’s going to kill the golden goose.

Yup. He’s adamant that WB/HBO cut costs like crazy and get to the level of profitability that Discovery has which makes its massive profit from very cheaply made reality TV and nature shows.

Wow, if HBO Max goes, that’s the end of the second golden age of television. It’s all reality shows and let’s plays from here on out.

I don’t know for sure if it was done, just that they finished shooting.

Consider the $90 gone either way. So if there’s any post-production costs to be saved by stopping now, that seems like the question to ask: will a release in any format—HBO Max, straight to “video”—bring in more money than the cost it will take to finish it?

I don’t know how those expenses work, maybe the effects companies and things like that are all paid already out of the $90 they sunk, but I doubt it. Editing, scoring, VFX work, somewhere in there I’m sure there’s money to be saved by stopping now instead of a month from now, or from letting it be finished. And if HBO Max is already a dead platform walking, none of the theoretical release models look promising.

I’d be so sad if HBO Max went away. How will we get more Harley Quinn?

Peacemaker is a HBO Max show, isn’t it?

Yes. For now.

Of course the problem is that they don’t really have many of those anywhere near completion. (2024 looks pretty empty right now.) They may yet find having a movie in their pocket is valuable, even if it isn’t up to their standards. And of course, there’s always January …

Meanwhile, Discovery+ has only 24 million subscribers. So 31% of the viewer base of HBO Max (and something like 22% of the revenue, because Discovery+ has a lower price.)

Zaslav running WB is truly the tail wagging the dog.

(I very much doubt HBO Max is going away, it’s probably just turning into HBO Discovery and having a bunch of shows cancelled.)

The main reason Discovery bought WB/HBO was because AT&T was a total clusterfluck that was trying to unload something they should have never purchased in the first place.

Yes, but I’d wager the problem for WBD is that despite solid subscriber numbers and revenue, HBO Max is probably running deeply in the red since they’re still in that funny-money stage of streaming service ops. A show like Raised by Wolves probably cost a pretty penny, whereas Discovery+ can take that same budget and dump it into a dozen or more unscripted garbage series and immediately show profit.

We’ll supposedly find out on Thursday.