Batkid saves San Francisco

More than 12,000 volunteers helped the Make a Wish foundation give Batkid the most awesome day a five year old ever had. Even President Obama joined in on the fun.

Pretty awesome. Graham Nolan even drew a picture of Batkid foiling Bane.

I’m fighting back tears right now. Amazing.

Man, I love his superhero pose in all of the pictures. He looks bad ass.

The Riddler and The Penguin have been officially indicted, thank God!

Considering how close you are to San Francisco, charmtrap, that must be a major relief!

Jeeze, that poor kid has one dull life ahead of him after all that. :)


Is this the real chief of police in San Francisco? That’s a pretty adorable performance, but I hope he doesn’t quit his day job.


Seattle did something similar a few years ago. Electron Boy.

Sadly, Electron Boy passed away in 2011.

That’s great to see everyone involved like that. Hope he beats the odds.

Very nice story. Reminded me of this