Batman and Robin

I’ve never seen this before.

I saw it playing on TV, sat down and within 5 minutes was on the floor laughing my ass off at how horrible it is.

I can’t believe this is the same movie franchise that Tim Burton spawned.

Can’t blame Burton for this turd, his last Batman movie was the last good one as well, Batman Returns. Thankfully we have the animated series, which is 10,000x better than the movies.

Oh, god, Batman Returns was painful.

The first movie was okay. They just got worse and worse.

But I thought the Superman movies sucked too, so I’m not in the mainstream here.

I don’t know if Batman Returns was “Painful,” but it wasn’t as good as the first one. ;)

Yeah, besides Superman 2, the other movies SUCKED. Hell, even Gene Hackman couldn’t save the ship that was Superman 4 from sinking.

I’m not sure I’d even agree that the first Batman movie was “ok,” lines like “This town needs an enema” and “Did you ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight,” Batdance by Prince, and that whole Robert Wuhl thing… ugh… at least Returns has Pfeiffer in a catsuit and DeVito is a lot of fun (French Flipper Trick) and it even has a blink or you’ll miss it Pee-Wee Herman cameo (as the Penguin’s dad)! But, yeah, ok, then I remember the penguins with missiles ending and just want to cry.

Anyway, funny stuff here:

How Bad Is Batman?

I’m not sure if Superman 1 and 2 are bad, or just haven’t aged well. Gotta love Zod though. Gotta kneel before Zod.

Anyway, funny stuff here:

How Bad Is Batman?
How Bad Is Batman | The Brunching Shuttlecocks

Heh, that is damned funny. I’d give a higher score to the animated series than he did, however.

Gotta love Zod though. Gotta kneel before Zod.

HELL YEAH! When I was younger, we’d taunt each other with this for hours:

Lose a water gun fight = Kneel before Zod!
Lose at Tag = Kneel before Zod!
Lose at just about anything = Kneel before Zod!

Ah yes, Terrance Stamp is the MAN…

The big thing about batman was that before it came out, no superhero ever showed a dark side in the movies. Yeah Superman was accurate but for the most part, superheros on film = campy and gay. Batman was a HUGE improvement over that.

Superman I & II were very good. They were pretty true to the 1970s version of the comics. Even so, I hated the endings to both those movies. (I’d list 'em, but you never know who hasn’t seen 'em. Suddenly, I’d be accused of spoiling 20+ yr old movies.)

If you haven’t seen the new cut of Superman, give it a shot. I enjoyed a couple of the new additions.

Animated Batman is still my favorite, though.

Hated the Batman movies, I think the main problem was that every director wanted to put their ‘stamp’ on the films, making them suck horribly cause they just look stupid (WTF was with the neon maching guns or the day-glo spray paint).
LOVED the original 70’s Batman film, the scene with the bomb and the nuns makes me laugh every time, ‘Bat Shark Repellant’ indeed.
The animated series was clearly the best, though I prefer the original art style to the anime look of the last few seasons.
Want a good Batman movie? Wholeheartedly reccomend the Batman Beyond flick.
If Nicholas Cage or Josh Harnett get to play Superman (or they go through with the whole ‘Lex Luthor a Kryptonian, Krypton didn’t blow up bull crap they had planned) I swear I’ll firebomb the studio. Ya’ hear that F.B.I??

Mask of the Phantasm was also quite good.

Well, thank God they seem to be going for Brendan Fraser instead. 'Cause he really blew me away in Encino Man and Blast From the Past.

I like the firstt Batman mostly becasue of Burton’s style which worked for the movie. Plus Jack was a pefrect cast as the Joker. Superman II was the best I thought the way Star Trek II was the best.

Kirk vs Kahn and Superman vs. the “Super convicts”. Just straight up story and action.

Well then maybe you can explain that thing where Superman used his ‘S’ to capture that one woman. :wink:

Super Shrink Wrap.