Batman: Arkham Knight

If it was $5 , it might be worth it for Batgirl.

Hey guys, I haven’t read the whole thread but I was playing this today, and what’s the trick for the “shockwave attack” in this game? It says you’re supposed to dive (as in right trigger + A button, then B button) into a group of enemies, and it’s supposed to stun them in the vicinity, but what’s the timing? Hold A and RT till you actually hit, then hit B? or simultaneously hit B with impact (kinda tricky).

It’s been awhile, but I think it’s the former (dive into the ground, hit ‘B’ after a build-up). I think it worked the same way in Arkham City.

Thanks for the reply. I remember it being a lot easier in City. Is there a hands-on tutorial for it in AK, I wonder? There were for some of the moves, like the multi-dude fear takedown.

I finished this after picking it up with the season pass during the steam sale. On the positive side, it seems the technical stuff has been largely resolved now. Either that, or my system is beefy enough to overcome its issues. It ran fine with no issues, except for dropping through the geometry couple of times. And the city certainly looks beautiful with everything maxed out.

On the negative side, everything has been getting bigger since Asylum, which was a tight, contained Batman yarn, and now it’s become so bombastic it’s ridiculous. And bloated, hitting the point of diminishing returns, where all the additional #content detracts from the experience. Like the goddamn Batmobile. It controls fine and all, but smashing through the city and fighting endless tank battles feels so fundamentally un-Batman. Or the Riddler challenges. I did all of them in the previous games, but I had to tap out around the 150 mark in this one, and look up the full Knightfall protocol on youtube.

It would not have been worth the effort.

What else is there to say about the story? The production values make some bits land despite the writing, but the setup for an empty Gotham you can smash through with abandon is contrived, the twist can be spotted from a mile away, the Joker infection is a magic justification for whatever the writers want to happen next. And it’s all so monotone dark and brooding. You can’t get away with this shit post-Lego Batman, at least not with writing this bad.

It plays as good as ever in the moment to moment stuff, but unlike Asylum or City, I can’t ever see myself going back to it.

As for the stuff in the season pass, I’ll concur with @lordkosc. The Batgirl episode is good, everything else is disposable.


I finished the main storyline last night, and I’m aiming to capture some more villains for the incomplete Knightfall Protocol ending, but this… is not a very good game.

The repetition in both the open world and story missions is barely tolerable - but it is shocking how boring it can be after playing an hour or so. Lost my patience a lot when the third or fourth wave of enemies showed up, which happens in basically every mission. An uninspired ending to the trilogy.

And the way the story wraps up the conflicts with the main villains is impressively lazy. Just… amazingly bad.

I’m actually enjoying this enough to play it pretty often on my $1 game pass month. I agree it’s getting repetitive (hello tank battles) but the mood is great, they are killing off characters, and they actually throw in some interesting side missions. For instance the Two Face bank robbing missions. Plus, Joker popping up taunting and even trying to be a friend in your head is an inspired mechanic. One time he popped up face to face as I was scaling a wall and it was a great jump scare. Very spooky and moody, I like it. Will try and play through to the end.

Well, I’ve hit my limit and am walking away. A never ending tank battle story mission. Terrible. Is this Batman or Battlezone?

Ah yes, another victim of the bat tank.


I sucked it up and finished it ages ago, but I swear the last 1/5 th of the game had like a dozen bat tank battles. Or at least it felt like it did.

At how many hours does this appear?

Right after the Ace Chemicals mission. It’s never ending after that. I’d say 1/3 or more of the story missions have non optional hordes of tank combat.

Hmm. Thanks. Gonna see if I can power through that pain with a trainer/cheat.

I’d say it gets better, but lordkosc is right. Sold this game after I finished because I’d never want to replay the tank stuff. Deathstroke was really disappointing.

The final mission was great though, and another in the movie studio with Joker singing & Harley.

Wasn’t Deathstroke in the previous game? The one with Batman early in his career?

Yeah. He’s another tank fight in this one, a repeat of the mid-game boss.

Next game is happening. This I am guessing is a sequel to Arkham Origins.

I should finish Arkham Knight one of these days. As much as I liked it, the car combat did get a bit repetitive. That’s the last thing I remember doing before I wandered off to other games.

I still haven’t played through Arkham City, even though I’ve had it for years. I think Arkham Knight is on Gamepass and I am tempted to play it but seems everyone had an issue with car combat and I have a serious aversion to any kind of vehicles thrown into mostly non-vehicle based games.

I don’t know why developers do that. Who thought the Mako in ME was fun or even necessary? Maybe Forza should have a level where you can step out of your car and jog run around the track. Maybe pull another driver out GTA-style and take his ride. I know, not remotely the same thing, but still.

That would be me! I also enjoyed the driving (and associated blowing up of things) in Arkham Knight.

Mako was great in ME.

I enjoyed the car combat in Arkham Knight. It’s downside is that it can’t be woven in as much with the story telling. Every other part of the game has a rhythm to the story-beat, combat, story-beat, detective work, combat, combat, story-beat, where they always keep things different and keep things compelling, and you keep coming back. But when you’re in a car combat situation, at least for me, it started lasting a little too long, which causes me not to want to load up the game the next day. Where was I in Arkham Knight? Oh right, I was in that one area where I have to kill a lot of cars. You know what, I’ll do that later, let me fire up some Rise of the Tomb Raider right now. I’ll get back to Arkham tomorrow.