Batman begins teaser now online

the teaser trailer is on the official site

I click on it and nothing happens.

UPDATED: It works if you use Explorer and not Firefox. Suck it, Mozilla-lovers!

It looks great. pitty the costume sucks.

Firefoxed fine for me. I’m not using the latest up-to-the-second release candidate though, so maybe it’s broken in a different version.

It looks like shit in the first picture because the ears are too nubby and the top of the head is too round, but it looks perfect in the second picture.

Firefox worked for me.
Next question though is how can i save the thing to my desktop, tried looking at the page source but no joy, no joy I tell you !!

If anyone else wants to d’load it;

Nay :?

Looks even better than I hoped. I can’t WAIT for this one.

I’m calling your bluff. I’ll bet you can. I mean, what choice do you really have?

It’s no bluff, Mr. Schmidt, if that IS your real name…

Okay, that was pretty darn cool. Looks like we’re going back to the beginning of the story which is probably why they hired Christian Bale to play the part. He looks like Batman as a young man as opposed to the slightly more matured look Michael Keaton brought to the screen (I always liked him in the role. Casting against type can often produce innovative results. Sometimes great results as it did in that case). Don’t know if it will have the Shakespearian elements that were used so brilliantly in the Spiderman 2 storyline, but it still looks good so far and I look forward to the release.