Batman: Brave and Bold

Hey, just caught it for the first time and I am really surprised that this series is actually pretty good. It’s really well-animated and well-written. I disliked the last series (“The Batman”) since it had the same character designer as Jackie Chan Adventures.

They just looked really cheap with the background characters and scenery being quite sparsely drawn/coloured. Not as bad as that He-Man remake a few years ago where all the backgrounds were B&W but close. By comparison, this new series is really nicely done.

It’s definitely better than its immediate predecessor, but it still pales in the shadow of TAS.

Agree zylon, some episodes were really good such as the two parter with owlman.

It seems like every time I catch this they’re fighting Gentlemen Jim.

What, is this the only BATB thread on QT3? I can’t be the only one watching this!

Last week’s long-awaited “Chill of the Night” ranked among the best episodes of the series, and even the entire DC animated universe. This was the darkest that BATB’s ever been, and it’s remarkable what Paul Dini was able to do with the allotted 22 minutes. As always, the story is respectful to the mythology and pays homage to multiple sources. (I especially liked how we get to see Bruce become “a master scientist” and “perform amazing athletic feats”!) Batman’s confrontation with Joe Chill was very well played, especially the moment when Chill gets his flash of realization. Adam West and Julie Newmar as Bruce’s parents was a nice touch, while Conroy and Hamill were great as Phantom Stranger and Spectre.

If you haven’t been watching, I highly recommend seeing this episode, then the following: The two aforementioned Owlman episodes, Dini’s much lighter “Legends of the Dark Mite”, and the musical “Mayhem of the Music Meister” with Neil Patrick Harris. Any one of these is far better than the recent crop of DC animated movies.

Yeah this season has been really great and I second those recommendations. Another great episode was the one when Batman went to another planet and Kevin Conroy played a 2nd Batman ( I can’t remember the name of the episode). Did anyone else catch Spectre’s appearance in this week’s episode, that was another surprising dark piece for BATB.