Batman: Capture the Knight - WB Games Montreal

It sounds like a fragrance.

That’s interesting, I thought Arkham Knight pretty much definitively closed the book on Batman.

Note that “Capture the Knight” may not be the actual title.

Also, the Court of Owls seems to be the main thrust of this.

This is the team that made Origins, right? That wasn’t a very good game. :(

It sounds like they also worked on the Batgirl DLC for Arkham Knight. Correct me if I’m wrong @lordkosc, but wasn’t that the one of the only DLC for that game you actually liked? Or was that one of the crappy ones?

Origins was fine, I enjoyed it more than Arkham Knight. :P

Also correct, they did the Batgirl DLC for Arkham Knight, and it was good, but short.

First half of next year is so loaded, this has to be a Fall-Winter 2020 game.

I’ve said for awhile, it would be cool if they could somehow get the Shadow of Mordor Nemesis system into a Batman game, maybe this will be the one? Monolith is a subsidiary of WB games.

Goons on Street > Lieutenants > Crime Bosses > Big Bad Villain

I haven’t finished Arkham Knight yet, but maybe it’s another prequel, like Arkham Origins.

Very possible, I just hope Batwing fast travel comes back from Origins, it was fantastic and made you feel so badass. It also made a hell of a lot more sense vs the Bat Tank’s ejector seat stuff from Arkham Knight.

Don’t get the hate for Origins. Wasn’t anything new as it was basically Arkham City 2.0. Nothing great but hit the beats well enough for players wanting more of that style of game.

Origins had the best boss fights in the entire series, so I’m interested.

Origins was fine. It was just extremely derivative of the other Arkham games, didn’t have Kevin Conroy or Mark Hamill, and had the first looking batsuit (which they explained as it being earlier in his run, thus his equipment was less refined).

I actually thought the Joker stuff they did in that game, showing how he became infatuated with Batman, was tremendous, and maybe the best storytelling in the entire series. I especially loved the bit when he’s talking to proto-Harley about how Batman makes him feel, and Harley thinks he’s talking about her. Really great stuff, that is not only clever, but also fits perfectly with Harley’s very one-sided relationship with Joker.

I was less enamored with the take on Gordon. Particularly when he chastises Batman for thinking he killed Bane, after a lengthy fight in which Bane was obviously trying to kill him, and Batman had also just saved Gordon’s life. Forget superheroes - that would be self-defense in real life, haha.

And then at the end when he tells Batman he still has to bring him in He gets distracted, Batman escapes, and then the epilogue says “I don’t know why I let him go” (paraphrased). You… didn’t, Jim. You tried to arrest the guy who bailed you out all night, and he got away.

Anyways, regarding a new game… I dunno. It’ll depend on how it looks, and if Montreal get to take some creative risks this time. I’m not that interested in just another Arkham game. Arkham Knight kinda represented me hitting a wall with the existing formula, and I couldn’t stand the tank combat stuff after a while. I don’t buy a Batman game to play Battlezone.

The only one I remember was Deathstroke, which was certainly kinda neat, but also got very repetitive.

I also thought his “WHAT ARE YOU?” at the end, was pretty corny. You got beat in a martial arts fight dude - he didn’t summon a magic dragon.

If I recall correctly, the problem with Origins was they changed the counter timing window, and hard mode still had warning indicators for attacks, but you kind of needed it due to the screwy timing.

I’m sure I posted about it but I can’t find it anywhere.