Batman/Citizen Kane?

Kind of a neat article:

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Feh. Updated

It’s a joke. Aside from the sheer stupidity of the entire idea, the major tipoff is that the Riddler wouldn’t have been considered as a Batman movie villian in 1946 because he didn’t debut in the comic books until 1948 (and only as a minor one-off character – he didn’t make his second appearance until 1965). The other major tipoff is that a Google search for “Lionel Hutton” turns up exactly one result (an eBay page), which is pretty odd for a “movie critic and respected film historian.” That said I can’t even begin to conceive what exactly this gag was meant to accomplish.

That sucks. I really want that to be a true story.

If it were a month later, I would say the motive was Halloween. But, its a mystery why someone would go to all this trouble.

People have too much time?

Looks at self browsing a message board…sighs