Batman: Gotham Knights - Bat-buddies

I like the look of it more than the Avengers game, but that’s probably due to the different genres. I’d play this.


Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin , who do you think will be your primary character? I saw mentioned on reddit that you can apparently swap between them in the open world (GTA 5 style character swapping). But we all probably have a favorite.

  • Batgirl
  • Nightwing
  • Red Hood
  • Robin

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Is the choice about the character, or about the weapon moveset and powers… And why Red Hood instead of Huntress, I wonder?

What a weird “The Division” dlc

Looks worth keeping an eye on. No word on platforms? Hoping we start seeing some next gen targeted games to make the most of our hardware.

Yeah, the only possible clue was the apparent use of a circle button for different interactions, but that tells us nothing about what gen the game will be on.

In any case the game did look pretty cool. I’ve not had much luck getting into the past open world batman games, but something about this one intrigues… Maybe the problem for me was always Batman himself!

It’s cross gen.

I haven’t read the comics for a while but Jason Todd/Red Hood definitely seems like a closer part of the bat-family than Huntress.

It’s just not the same for me without Batman, I’ll probably pass on this one. It was a good run.

I’d rather play Batwoman than Batgirl. I don’t know anything about either of them except one is the commisioner’s daughter and the other one is Bruce Wayne’s cousin or something. I just think Batwoman looks cooler, and I imagine she’d be way more aggressive.

I do like Robin and Batgirl’s outfits though, so I’d play them next… but I was really put off in the gameplay video by seeing Batgirl plinking some bad guy for 13 damage per batarang or something. I don’t need damage numbers in a game like this, I just want to see the villains react to the attack.

I thought Nightwing and Robin were the same guy, so I was surprised to see both at once. And I know zero about the red guy.

I think I saw WB Montreal logo at the end of the trailer, so this must be the team behind Arkham Origins.

Wasn’t that the shitty game?

The gameplay video suggests it will use an AC Origins / Odyssey style progression system.

I didn’t care for that game, no. It had some cool parts but I didn’t like the janky open world and the lack of clear breadcrumbs on how to get to the next story section, so I ended up wallowing in those janky open world sections longer than necessary.

But I think it was @lordkosc’s favorite game in the series?

Not my most favorite, but I enjoyed it more overall than Arkham Knight (Bat-Tank game). :)

Arkham City is still the best Batman game imho.

Nightwing was the original Robin (Dick Grayson), who struck out on his own and moved to Bludhaven.

The second Robin was Jason Todd, who was killed by the Joker thanks to a fan vote back in the '80s. Because he was a comic book character not named Ben Parker, that death didn’t last, so he came back and became the Red Hood (aka the red guy).

Robin III was Tim Drake, who is the Robin in this game.

Why is Deadpool in this?

Is there a story reason Batwoman isn’t in this?

Talk about breaking the fourth wall! He broke into a whole other game franchise!

So if you can switch characters during the game, it’s like Agents of Mayhem. That would be pretty cool. In the gameplay video, it looked like another player joined and either changed characters? Or had an AI sidekick?

It also looks like everyone gets his or her own Batcycle. If you’re putting vehicles in the game, you gotta have a Batmobile, right?


Sounds like a product merchandising cross promotion opportunity with Transformers. Or TMNT.

Robin is not doing well in the poll above!