Batman: Gotham Knights - Bat-buddies

Watching it now.

PS4 and XB1 versions cancelled. So it’s a current-gen only title.

Kinda looks like a snooze fest. The combat just looks so boring and slow. Nightwing just doing goofy and unnecessary cartwheels and flips between enemies standing around waiting their turn, Red Hood uses non-lethal rounds now—okay, I understand that as a conceit to gameplay—but also has mystical soul energy to give him a double-jump, I guess?

Everything here looks like a worse version of the original Arkham games or Sony’s Spider-Man games. It all looks like a step backward unless you’ve just been dying to play a game like this co-op.

Try it with the sound off. It’s much better without that boring narrator.

“Red Hood shoots non-lethal rounds…”

“Here’s Red Hood’s blah blah attack which shoots armor-piercing rounds…”

I don’t think you know how bullets work.

Also, from the IGM preview above:

Unlike the Arkham games before it, the Gotham Knights open world will be filled with citizens roaming around.

Will it though? I think I saw one or two civilians on the sidewalk per city block.

Well that preview sure did temper my expectations.

I plan to just play it as a single player Batgirl game.

Yeah, those armor piercing non lethal bullets also got me.

The contents of the deluxe edition are insulting for the extra $20 asking price.

Is it significant that the gameplay demo is stitched together like that? Usually you would expect this sort of video to be one mostly continuous bit of gameplay, albeit carefully scripted and not representative of the state of the game as a whole. Here they start playing then after a minute or two cut to a different segment or even a later moment in the same fight. Can’t they get five continuous minutes they are ready to show publicly? Maybe It’s just edited down from a longer version.

I think they’re “non-lethal” in the same way the enemy tanks in Arkham Knight are “unmanned” and in the same way people can supposedly survive the batmobile crashing into them if they’re electrocuted a split second before being hit.

Bruce Wayne is a mass murderer.

Batman is. Not that Bruce Wayne isn’t, but the latter is much less conspicuous.

Everyone always knew they were the same person, it was just inconvenient to admit the wealthiest, most connected man in the city is a criminal.

In the real world, that is usually the case, is it not? ;)

I don’t care for most of the 7 different suit sets in that first gallery at all. KnightWatch (the Jim Lee set) looks clean and iconic, I dig that. The rest of them not so much. But further down in the article when they show some of the smaller variations within a suit style, some of those don’t look as bad.

The rest of the main character trailers released over the last few weeks.

October 21st.

Game looks alright, as long as they don’t show long combat encounters. :D