Batman: Gotham Knights - Bat-buddies


Did that help? :-)

I actually am, and don’t care about blocking - I alway suck at it anyways so thats awesome, actually.

Eurogamer sounds pretty unimpressed too.

Remember you get this free with your Intel GPU!

Damn that’s a depressing write up.

The result is a game that constantly reminds you how good Batman was, and how nothing else can compare. There’s an obvious solution: put Batman in it - and let it feel like Batman, too.

that glorious, gothic maximalism is replaced with more of a mediumalism.


Still hyped for it. I enjoyed the Batman games and this looks to be in the same vein but with new characters and a larger more diverse map.

Good gravy. That is one bad trailer.

Barbara Gordon is bat girl? I really should finish Arkham Knight, to find out how she got out of her wheelchair I guess.

Isn’t covered in previous games.

Man people will nit pick everything.

I’m okay with saying that this is Barbara Gordon from a different reboot and that’s why she can fight now.

Robin was actually murdered by the Joker and now he’s walking around as Red Hood in the game – and yet people aren’t saying that it’s unrealistic to expect that some dead people can overcome their deadness if Superboy hits the inside of a tiny interdimensional shed hard enough.

game looks fun! Seems to draw more from Shadow of War than Arkham games… just based on how combat looks and the rpg progression aspects.

Apparently this game will be locked at 30fps on PS5/XBX, so that’s kind of a buzzkill.

very disappointing and given what other games have done previously with the same hardware

You guys won’t be saying that once you see the kinds of things this game has compared to say, Spiderman or Ratchet & Clank which had 60fps modes.

I haven’t read any actual reviews yet but DF do a lot of comparing to Arkham Knight and it’s pretty brutal :)

The stuff I’ve been seeing and reading is that the game has a bunch of weird stuff built into it like different currencies, crafted elements that lose potency, cosmetics, etc that you’d typically see in a live service game, but none of it is available to purchase with real-world money and it isn’t really an MP competitive game either. It feels like the game was originally meant to be GaaS, but somewhere along the way WB backed out of that plan.

Dunno. I’ll eventually play it, but probably not until it’s on deep discount or Gamepass.

Reviews are basically calling it a bit pants.

I enjoyed reading the Eurogamer review. It sounds quite charming despite the flaws listed. It’s a long review.

I remember their last game (Arkham Origins) having a similar reaction. I personally couldn’t see much past the flaws in that one, but hopefully when I pick up this one at a discount, I can actually get to that part.

This review is pretty down on the game.