Batman: Gotham Knights - Bat-buddies

In the real world, that is usually the case, is it not? ;)

I don’t care for most of the 7 different suit sets in that first gallery at all. KnightWatch (the Jim Lee set) looks clean and iconic, I dig that. The rest of them not so much. But further down in the article when they show some of the smaller variations within a suit style, some of those don’t look as bad.

The rest of the main character trailers released over the last few weeks.

October 21st.

Game looks alright, as long as they don’t show long combat encounters. :D

There feels like zero hype anywhere for this release.

In Gotham Knights, there is no standardized counter mechanic and, instead, it has been replaced with a dodge.

I just died a bit inside, and am feeling negative hype now.


Did that help? :-)

I actually am, and don’t care about blocking - I alway suck at it anyways so thats awesome, actually.

Eurogamer sounds pretty unimpressed too.

Remember you get this free with your Intel GPU!

Damn that’s a depressing write up.

The result is a game that constantly reminds you how good Batman was, and how nothing else can compare. There’s an obvious solution: put Batman in it - and let it feel like Batman, too.

that glorious, gothic maximalism is replaced with more of a mediumalism.


Still hyped for it. I enjoyed the Batman games and this looks to be in the same vein but with new characters and a larger more diverse map.

Good gravy. That is one bad trailer.

Barbara Gordon is bat girl? I really should finish Arkham Knight, to find out how she got out of her wheelchair I guess.

Isn’t covered in previous games.