Batman - The Animated Series Vol.4 reminder

December 6th

Thanks for the heads up. This reminds me, I still have to hunt down season three.

You’ll never catch him.

I think Volume 2 of the Superman cartoon drops that day too.

As does part 1 of the second season of Gargoyles. It’s a good day all-around. :D

Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is when the series officially moved to the WB and got the new look?

Yes, that’s correct.

Yes, that’s correct.[/quote]

Isn’t that also when the series went from being usually really good to consistantly great?

Like “Legends of the Dark Knight”? That episode ruled.

I won’t lie, I never saw it after it went to the WB (I don’t get that channel) and to be honest, I never liked the new look over the old classical look they had originally. I think I may stop at volume three… for now anyway.

Which reminds me, I should finish watching those.

Yes, that’s correct.[/quote]

Isn’t that also when the series went from being usually really good to consistantly great?

Like “Legends of the Dark Knight”? That episode ruled.[/quote]

I think that was before the WB switch…

The “Legends of the Dark Knight” episode is on this DVD. I believe it (and all the episodes in this set, in fact) came after the switch to the WB. Here’s an episode list someone posted among the comments there:

Disc 1:
Holiday Knights
Sins of the Father
Cold Comfort
Double Talk
You Scratch My Back
Never Fear

Disc 2:
Joker’s Millions
Growing Pains
Love Is a Croc
Torch Song
The Ultimate Thrill
Over the Edge

Disc 3:
Mean Seasons
Cult of the Cat
Animal Act
Old Wounds
The Demon Within

Disc 4:
Legends of the Dark Knight
Girls’ Night Out
Mad Love
Beware the Creeper
Judgment Day

There are a lot of episodes I liked among these…“Mad Love”, “Cold Comfort”, and “Over the Edge” are some of my favorites.

I’m pretty excited because I never saw all of these episodes. Really only a few, like Legends of the Dark Knight.

Ah yes, with the second best line in the Batman series ever:

<referencing Baby Doll and Killer Croc becoming an item>
Batgirl: What do you think they do on a date?
Batman: …I don’t even want to think about it.

What’s the best line?

Already got my copy pre-ordered, baby. ;)

Which was the episode where the villains were playing poker and discussing the closest they ever achieved at ever killing Batman?

It had this great line.

Croc: And then he came closer and closer… and closer
Joker: And then what?
Croc: And then, I threw a rock at him.

Everyone’s reaction.

“Almost Got 'Im” in which several villians discuss how they almost offed the bat. Wonderful episode, one of the best. :) That’s either on the first or second volume…

“Almost got 'em”
Definitely a great episode.

I love you. No, really. I had no idea the WB episodes were finally coming out. I never got to see them all, so I am ultra-hyped by this news.

As for the overhaul, I didn’t care for the new Joker (no ruby red lips? sacrilege!) but I thought the stripped down, more angular look suited the series well.

I went poking around for info on the new JLU episodes, and found:

  1. They should be airing very soon, like next week or sooner.

  2. There was apparently some kind of falling out between Cartoon Network and Timm/Dini/etc. Teen Titans has been cancelled (not that I care), and JLU will most likely not get another season (unsurprising).

  3. There is a new Superman show coming to capitalize on the new movie, and it will probably suck like the recent Batman show.

  4. There is a Legion of Superheroes show coming, not necessarily to Cartoon Network. No idea if it’s the JLU crew or the sucky new Batman people doing it. I don’t really know anything about the Legion, but if it’s the people who do the cool cartoons and not the crappy ones, I’ll check it out.

And finally, this post belongs in this thread because…

  1. Justice League Season 1 and (I know someone around here was waaay looking forward to this) Batman Beyond Season 1 DVD sets in March!