Batman - The Animated Series Vol.4 reminder

When you talk about the original batman series moving to the wb and the change, that was when they changed the suit from dark blue to grey right?

I remember the original ones though, one of my favorite cartoon series of the 90s. Loved the episodes of the riddler that had to do with either virtual realty or the giant maze.

I think the new ones on now are decent, at least their better then batman beyond.

My favorite episodes of the original were either Almost Got 'Im, or the HARDAC series, especially the third and final episode. But there’s so many other good ones too, like the final demise of Clayface, or where Average Joe takes on the Joker.

On a side note, I remembered when the second half of this season appeared on TvTome, the next episode was scheduled to be on 1/4/2006. Now it’s… 12/1/2006? I seriously hope that’s wrong.


  1. There was apparently some kind of falling out between Cartoon Network and Timm/Dini/etc. Teen Titans has been cancelled (not that I care), and JLU will most likely not get another season (unsurprising).

Crap. I’m not surprised, though. Cartoon Network seems to love their obscure dumbass anime (Bobobo Bo Bobobobo WTF is that?) more than comic related cartoons. Teen Titans was beginning to get pretty darn interesting, though. It was also starting to draw a lot more on older comic references, which must drive the suits nuts, or something.

  1. There is a new Superman show coming to capitalize on the new movie, and it will probably suck like the recent Batman show.

After the abysmal Lois and Clark and Smallville TV shows, I’m hard-pressed to think of what they could do worse with a cartoon.

  1. There is a Legion of Superheroes show coming, not necessarily to Cartoon Network. No idea if it’s the JLU crew or the sucky new Batman people doing it. I don’t really know anything about the Legion, but if it’s the people who do the cool cartoons and not the crappy ones, I’ll check it out.

Huh. The Legion is hard to explain. One incarantion of the team is a seriously huge group of futuristic teenagers. It’s like X-Men without the angst or hostility, Teen Titans without the cool, or New Mutants with even bigger dorks and lamer characters. Another incarnation is a futuristic team of corporate antiheroes that provide a sort of intergalactic security force. I think they’ve since been reinvented again, but I haven’t been paying attention.

And finally, this post belongs in this thread because…

  1. Justice League Season 1 and (I know someone around here was waaay looking forward to this) Batman Beyond Season 1 DVD sets in March!

WOOHOO! Both are a definite must buy for me.

I can tell you from experience that is not true. It drove people their bananas that DBZ was the #1 show on the network (and in fact in all of basic cable) back in the day.

Teen Titans was beginning to get pretty darn interesting, though. It was also starting to draw a lot more on older comic references, which must drive the suits nuts, or something.

I’d love to find out what was happening over their now, becuase they were some of the nicest suits I ever worked with.

I could only guess from observational evidence since I’ve never worked there, Andrew. Anything you can share about this situation?

My old boss was Sam Register, who is now VP of animation and was behind the Titans. At this point though I’d doubt he’d be willing to tell me what was going on.

The online division boss, Jim Samples, took over the network shortly after I left. I’d heard rumors there had been a management shake-up, but I haven’t been able to find anything online.

Maybe I’ll tag one of my old contacts and see what they’re willing to say. Not that I’d post it in an online forum…

This is close enough. Is anyone else watching the next episodes of Justice League already? Or am I the only one enjoying them enough to talk about them? Torrentspy has the next six up, and the first two so far have been great. There’s something wonderful about this show that sucks me in despite the gratuitous comic book conventions, plot and the Johnny DC atmosphere. Maybe its because they keep the plot moving steadily, despite the occasional one-shot episode, or the cameo appearances ( Goldface? Yikes. I thought KGBeast was obscure )… or maybe they just have a great balancing act… Never getting too cheesy, too violent, or too serious, at least not for too long… best demonstrated by the end of “Dead Reckoning”.

Yet for all the great characters, Batman, and to a lesser degree, Luthor, dominate every season.

I just gave up trying to figure out when they’re on. I’ll buy them all on DVD some day.

I am, didn’t post since I wasn’t sure if anyone else was. They’re pretty good. I liked the Deadman episode…That’s about all I have to say about that.

w00t! glad they’re finally getting around to these.