Batman The Long Halloween part 1

This was surprisingly good and remixes the 90s comic book arc a little.

Part 2 is coming July 27.

Is it on HBO Max?

I was thinking about making a DCAU thread.

I’ve been making a thread for each movie for years complaining about the decline from Timm years until recent.


You have? Where’s the Superman: Man of Tomorrow thread? I thought that was pretty damn good, actually.

Part 2 came out and it plays out differently from the comic. Really loved the design of the characters.

This is in my top 5 favorite DC animated movies now. For the first time, I don’t miss Bruce Timms with Butch Lukic at the helm.

Now sad that I just realized the VA for Catwoman died last year.

Oh there’s a post credits scene in both part 1 and part 2.

I hope this comes to HBO Max soon.

Anyone has watched this movie?
plz share your reviews that its worth watching or not?

I found the two parts enjoyable. Your typically good DC animated movie, and a step above the usual animated fare storywise (minus the need to be yet another origin movie for Two-Face).

It was a bit “odd” in pacing. Although there was plenty of action scenes, it felt like they spent more time on story and dialog than other DC animated movies, although that may be subjective since this is a two-part movie, with twice as much time to dedicate to the story.

My only negative with the movie is that Team Bat is focused on catching a serial killer killing off people one or two at a time. But then you have the Joker show up and in one scene seemingly leaves more dead bodies laying around than the serial killer’s kill count for both movies put together. No one ever seems to care about the thousands of people the Joker has killed over the years.

Also, I watched both movies and really thought it was Mark Hamill back as the Joker, but no, someone else was doing a good Mark Hamill impersonation.