Batman: Unburied - a Radio Drama on Spotify well worth your time

It’s a perfectly useful word. It’s more usually applied to things which should be buried, but, for whatever reason, haven’t been. The two examples given in the definition being turds and dead people, which I think we all agree shouldn’t be left sitting in the middle of human habitation for very long.

I’m definitely putting this podcast on my list, anyhow. I’m sure I’ll get to it sometime after the small stack of Batman comics I’ve never gotten around to reading.

Technically, there isn’t like a rush or anything - in fact, it might be wise to wait until they are all available to binge at once, given the intensely old-school/serialized nature of the show.

I guess if no one wants to actually listen to it and talk about it though, I’m dropping out of the thread so you guys can continue debating the use of the word “Unburied”. At least my son listened to it on his way to Chicago last weekend, but he’s too busy with his new job to chat with his old man about Batman. :) But he did text me that he loved it, which of course, I knew he would.

Ok I listened to the first two episodes so far and while it’s a very well-produced “radio drama” (good voice acting, atmospheric effects), I’m very confused on why this is a Batman thing. At least from the first 2 episodes I don’t see any reason for this to be a Batman story other than marketing I guess? Although judging by the thing that happened at the end of the second episode maybe I’m about to find out? I find these audio dramas a little hard to follow so it’s possible I missed something but I’m feeling a bit lost. Maybe that clears up as it goes on.

Wait, you did listen to Batman: Buried first, didn’t you? Because this one isn’t going to make much sense unless you listened to that first!


Haha wait what?!

Edit: I can’t tell if you’re joking or not, that’s how confused I am on what is going on!

It’s the most Batman. Keep at it, it will make sense soon enough.

He’s joking.

So I’ve listened to the first ep now. I’m intrigued. I will definitely be listening further. This is more like street-level Batman, rather than billionaire Batman. I dig it.

Winston Duke as Bruce Wayne and Lance Reddick as Thomas Wayne is inspired casting.

By the by, if something confuses you, there’s a link to script of each episode. I had to use it to clear up a couple of confusing points in Episode 1.

He’s un-not joking.