Batter Blaster (not a WhittaLink)

A friend of mine was just raving about this stuff so I’m going to check it out this weekend, will report back.

Interesting, but it’s not like mixing pancake batter is much of a time sink to begin with. It takes more time to heat the pan (which you still have to do). And how many pancakes will a can of that stuff make? Two?

Heh, that’s what I was gonna post… “so adding water to pancake mix is now too hard?”

I do see it as having great potential to use in decorating someone’s car though. Someone you don’t like, that is. Or maybe spraying on the sidewalk to feed stray cats and dogs or homeless people.

This post was all about the subject, wasn’t it Gary?


Ben, it’s pancakes IN A CAN!!! What’s not to love?

For me it’s not about the time but the messy clean-up that inevitably ensues any time you’re fucking around with flour.

Apparently you get about 8 pancakes per can.

Two breakfast foods enter, one breakfast food leaves?

  • Alan

Unless you mix your mix in a magnetic bottle pancakeithium chamber, there’s also the hassle of taking up valuable dishwasher space with your unwieldy mixing bowl.

This reminds me of that fake egg “mix” McDonald’s uses… I think I’ll pass…

The “(not a Whittalink)” disclaimer made me lol.

Mix a couple of cans of this stuff with the lesbians thread though, and that’s a Whittalink…

If I recall correctly, McDonalds don’t use fake eggs. Their “mix” is simply prescrambled eggs with the shell bits filtered out for convenience of the minimum wage apathetic cooks.

I don’t know man. A half-inch thick, perfectly circular and smooth “egg” doesn’t strike me as the real deal…

Completely useless looking product. How hard is it to add water to Bisquick?

I’m in the “how hard is it to add some water” crowd on this one. And just for the record, my waffle batter is made from scratch. Thanks to Alton Brown.

Oh that’s easy to do. You just need a round cookie cutter, a griddle, and an egg. Or in a pinch an egg, a coffee cup and a microwave will also work.

I was expecting some kind of Mythbusters-ish contraption designed to see if batter was viscous enough to punch holes in concrete if you superheated it. DISAPPOINTED.

How hard is it to add eggs and milk to flour?

You forgot baking soda. :P

And besides, Bisquik has been around for like 100 years or so, so don’t knock it. You use it for more than just pancakes, and can take it with you on camping trips and shit.

I did not forget. I simply do not use it. :)

Yea I used to work there and suprisingly this is a common misconception, a friend of mine thought the eggs came in a tube that we just cut up. Kinda like the cheap canned cranberry sauce. It’s really eggs cracked into a mold on a griddle. There are nine round molds made of silicon held in place with a metal frame and then water is poured in the space around them and then you just put on a lid and let 'em steam.

The scrambled eggs come in a carton like milk and you just pour them out and scramble. Still 100% egg just faster.