Battle Brothers Hits Early Access

So I picked the normal start, I. E. The regular one that isn’t losing your captain.

So far so good.

I’ve been milking the 1 star quests and sprinkling in 2 star quests.

Turn 35 or so, 1500 gold and 10 brothers.

Mostly it’s the same start without the tutorial fight/mission. I like it because that whole experience had gotten tiresome.

Most of the other options are interesting at least, though usually you suffer from not having enough cash to really outfit a good starting group so the first 1-3 jobs are often lethal or so close to lethal that it cripples you before you can get started.

Still more options is always a good thing and it’s a great idea that plays pretty well overall.

Yeah my current map is really terrible, long distances between cities, not many harbours or trade opportunities etc.

Still, I have made it to turn 55 or so, in mostly good shape, and am handling contracts well enough.

One thing though, Goblins are far too much work for what you get.

I did one goblin contract and it almost bankrupted me because the quest giving city was the other side of the map from where the goblins were, and I bought some dogs as well, because they are useful against Goblins. 5 out of 6 dogs died, no Brothers.

My 2nd goblin contract saw me too poor to buy dogs, so 2 brothers died, and a 3rd died but returned (passed out in battle) and is not effectively a cripple.

I think that is my run done then :(

Note to self:

  • Check where the contract is, before accepting
  • Bring dogs for Goblins
  • Attack Goblins at night

I also managed to take down some Alps, but they are not much fun. Really tedious fight to be honest. I had to google help for that (go naked and keep your forces together.)

Also, it seems truly odd to me to have a 1 contract limitation.

I’m just tired of Barbarians ambushing me on roads in groups of like 12 in the first two weeks.

If they have dogs you just die, there is no way to win or escape.

Good for the devs if they can make some additional money selling DLC. For me the base game is plenty hard enough and I’ll pass on paying for DLC that provide for additional and more gruesome ways for my bros to die.

I don’t need any help sending them to their graves. And some of these new monsters scare me quite frankly.

What made me decide to buy it was:

  • Someone gifted me €10 on Steam
  • I heard about the new origins/company starts

That’s what I’m enjoying about it. I had a great start playing Lone Wolf for first time but got cocky and wiped in the early teen days when I took on a bandit leader.

Right now my caravan hands/trader is up and running on 5th attempt. One of my 2 original caravan hands has a permanent disability but I have a good mix of troops, decent money.

I do think I have a fundamental mistake of accepting the visit every village ambition. I think it takes too long instead of carving out a solid area. Even by trading, I’m losing money while trying to complete this,

I think that is the worst ambition tbh.

My current lone wolf playthrough came to a glorious, nailbiting end when I accepted single combat against a Barbarian Chosen.

He hit me, I hit him.

I poisoned my weapon first, so I got 40 free damage.

Then he missed me, and I him, for about 5 turns, then a hit each, and we were both down to no armour and a sliver o health, and attacking each other for 52% chance to hit.

Then he hit me, and I died.

That’s certainly interesting, but I am not sure it sounds fun.

Carry a dog.

Does that work?

Interesting idea.

I thought of maybe carrying a javelin as well.

Anyway, I am reaching that point, that happens every so often in thsi game, where the cumulative randomness and crap in encounters just annoys me, to a level superior of my enjoyment, so I may take a break for a while.

My caravan run was going nicely until 3 Unholds came out of nowhere, at night (so my Archers were useless) and just ripped my company apart…

Caravan runs for me anymore tend to be “free money” since I won’t be protecting those poor bastards if anything bad happens.

They make a pretty good distraction while I run away most of the time.
Of course if you get ambushed in a forest… well it’s probably lights out.

hahahahaha :)

“Lots of Orc Young.”

“See ya in town, guys.”

Narrator: They did not see them in town. No one ever saw those caravan hands again.

I’m following a Let’s Play, Expert, Expert and Ironman, Lone Wolf, where the guy playing is using just his starting mercenary, and boosting his experience at the training halls.

It’s entertaining for me.

7 days in he has 45 or so kills.

Playing the Lone Wolf origin has cured me of any desire to play on “Ironman”. Just no.

Welcome to the forum, knightsabret! I should try Lone Wolf soon.

Lone Wolf is interesting b/c you have 1 great guy and can choose different tactics. Hire chaff and let a few survivors rise through midge? Just hire another strong character? I’m enjoying that more than my caravan who benefit from the $$$ but are slow to advance with the renown restriction. I tried one deserter which ended poorly and predictably with bad resolve ending a fight. How are the the poachers/peasants etc?

In episode 4 or 5 he has a battle where his character misses about 6 or 7 attacks at 95% probability and is hit 6 or 7 times at 25% or less probability.

Someone in the comments ran the numbers and said the chance of such a streak was 1 in 13,000,000 or something stupid.

His character almost died.

Was one of the most interesting fights.

He got his guy to lvl 11 by turn 16.

Now he is expanding his roster, and saving money to find a hedge Knight to join him.

Through events he had a squire and a vagabond join him, and he recruited a sword master.

Thanks rhamorim! I really do enjoy the Lone Wolf start, btw. But after a few crushing defeats I was forced to accept that I’m probably just not good enough at this game to succeed at Lone Wolf Ironman!