Battle Brothers Hits Early Access


When I reached there for a mission, a choice popped up asking me if I want to take the weapon instead.

I chose the cautious path and completed the mission instead. But the site disappeared. I guess I’ve to check the taverns now.


Ah, okay, I had a similar event happen except it was a khopesh that was offered. I’m all about the weapons so I took it. Of course, I then had to fight a bunch of undead for it. When I got back to town they weren’t happy that I didn’t bring back the idol they sent me for. I think you made the right choice, the rhomphaia is just a type of sword not a named unique so you’ll get one eventually.I’ve never run into a rhomphaia in any of my games so far I’d be curious to get my hands on one.


I’ve found two named weapons in shops, one a flanged mace and the other a polearm/billhook. Both were about 12K and that’s about all I have in the coffers at the moment. Maybe I should just pull the trigger… but there’s so many other things I still need! Decisions…


Those of you playing Ironman. Wow you are brave LOL. If I have a good thing going and get tanked due to a chance roll or dumb mistake I feel like I’d go all Hulk and throw my keyboard out the window. How do you do it? :)


Treat it like a roguelike mostly.

Alt-F4 mid-battle also brings you back to pre-battle if something especially bullshit happens.


I don’t play rogue-likes with permadeath either haha. I"m impressed with people who have the patience for stuff like that.


The tension knowing you can make a stupid move that wipe your team is irreplaceable. And please dont ALT-F4… that basically defeats the whole purpose of Ironman.


The game will be finally released out of EA today at 1:00pm EST. It’ll be interesting to see if anything goes into the 1.0 release patch beyond bug fixes and balance changes.


I haven’t found an answer to this question but we don’t have long to wait. One thing I hope they get to fairly soon is enabling mod support. The possibilities for this game are large.


This went live a few hours ago and looks like the same version as the previous beta, though the sound track came out at noon which is a nice touch. He made so many incredible changes leading up to release, it was perhaps unreasonable there would be more content coming, haha!

So I rolled up a brand new game and will dive in over the weekend. Very exciting!


Diving in after release. Veteran/Ironman.

I’ve only played an hour and haven’t noticed significant changes. As Scott said, the music is more varied and pretty good. And the map seems to have more points of interest. Maybe it is the luck of the draw, but previous maps had less villages/towns/keeps, etc.

Veteran level is tough.

Seven brothers, marching under the banner of the Weeping Queen, in search of seven brides barely survived their first one skull mission. They faced five nachzehrer in a graveyard.

One brother was clawed to death. Wolfram the Pessimist now has a gaping hole where his nose once was, a permanent injury that reduces his fatigue by 10%

And Kori the Bull took a blow to the head that “shook some things up and didn’t exactly benefit this character’s cognitive skills (a permanent -25% Experience Gain and -25% Initiative). On the bright side, he may now be just too stupid to realize when it’s time to run.” (+15% Resolve).


I picked the Bear banner because I love it’s look and orientation (most of them are more traditional, this is like a cool flag) but then ruined it by calling my band of brothers Unbearable.


I liked it. Just saying. ;)


Wooop, look like I missed the EA and now the game went up ten bucks.

Hm. I guess it’s cliche, but I’ll wait for the eventual sale.


That is probably a good idea. The game is fine but quite repetitive. I got up to about day 90 or so and found the battles became quite difficult and some were impossible but the game play never changed. It still consists of wandering from town to town to pick up a contract to go kill a group of bandits, orcs, goblins or undead. It is a fine but unmemorable gaming experience in my 20 hours or so.


On the real-time map: is there a way to know where the “hotspots” are and feedback that lets you know you’ve successfully clicked on one? In Xcom’s real-time map, you can always and only move to actual destinations. In Battle Brothers, you can move anywhere, and 99% of pixels on the map have nothing going on. Do I have to just frantically click all over the place to make sure I’ve explored an area thoroughly, while time is passing and my dudes rack up expenses?

This is a legitimate question, not criticism disguised as a question. I genuinely would like to know whether I should consider buying in the future when it’s on sale. (I already refunded due to real-time-map frustration.)


I guess I’m not really following where your confusion comes from. It’s a large map, you click to move around on it, and if you see something you want to interact with, such as a city, roaming group of enemies, or a special site (such as this Headchopper’s Grotto) you simply left click it and your men walk to it.

This was so confusing and frustrating you refunded the game? Maybe instead hit up YouTube, in this particular case (even right off the main menu) there are a few very detailed tutorial videos and a developer walk through of how to play.


You have a vision radius around your company that will reveal anything of interest that you discover within the vision range on the world map. It’s very noticeable when moving through the fog-of-war as you clear a path through it. The vision radius is bigger in the day and smaller at night.

When a you encounter something new like a new site on the map or an enemy, the game plays a very noticeable sound to indicate you’ve found something. So no, you don’t have to click all over the place but you will have to move around to explore new areas to see what might be there.


Is there any poking around, hunting for hidden caves or treasure or creatures or anything? Or are all locations clearly labeled with a big textual sign at all times?


Yes, and only after you spot them.