Battle Brothers Hits Early Access


I was disappointed with the limited scope of the game. I would have liked more RPG stuff, or more strategic map stuff. But whatever. Maybe they’ll add some of that in a sequel.


Except it’s really not. There’s a long list of planned stuff that they dropped to get it out the door and that they said all along they hoped to be able to add back in after the game was released, depending on how well it sold. Now obviously it did not sell well enough for them to do that and that’s a shame but the game is nowhere near “done” in the sense that it’s where they wanted it to be. That’s one of the main reasons some folks are disappointed. But, if it didn’t sell, it didn’t sell and there’s nothing to be done about it.


What was dropped?


What constitutes selling well? It appears that 90,860 ± 8,689 copies sold according to Steam Spy. If avg price was $26 gross sales would be in excess of $2.3 million. No idea what the net would be, but that seems like a hefty amount to my uninformed eye. Am I reading those numbers wrong?

I bought this in early access, kind of burned out on it before it finally released, but I definitely got my monies worth and don’t begrudge the devs if they want to move on. I certainly did and I only played it.


I think this can be said of any software developer who has ever shipped a product.


Probably the biggest one was support for modding. That’s a pretty big effort though.

The one I was hoping made it in at some point was battle environments with context. So, dungeons, ruins, fortresses, towns and the like. So, if you attack a ruin, your battle won’t happen in an open forest. They did some mockups before they dropped it:

There was other stuff, such as adding support units for your army that wouldn’t fight but provide services, equipment and support (blacksmiths, healers and the like).

They were also going to add more unique items to the game as well as “battle sisters” with unique backgrounds.

There’s other stuff related to combat like mounts and yet other stuff I’m probably not remembering.


Yeah, that stuff would have been cool, but I don’t think it’s absence makes me feel the game is somehow not a whole or complete game. I’m guessing a combination of interest (from the devs) and resources (lacking to continue updating a game that may have stopped selling?) are the culprit, and I don’t really mind. I love this game and have gotten many hours of enjoyment out of it (and will certainly play it again at some point) but honestly…? It’s kind of refreshing to have a game that isn’t going to get better and better, so I can finally just play it and not worry “what might come out after I get tired of it?”


The constant struggle of Endless Access games. Some people buy into an unlimited dream, but others sit around waiting for a good stopping point.

Maybe one day we’ll have indie developers selling games to other teams for ongoing development. I realize there are challenges with that arrangement.


Any tips for early game? Company size, weapon types to focus on? I’ve tried going with 6 brothers with heavy focus on spears (spearwall is pretty overpowered early on) but then I went against some undead and my weapons were barely doing anything to them, should I have brought some blunt weapons with me?

Also I’m finding the battlefield a bit hard to navigate, arrow paths for example make no sense, I’m aiming at some enemy that looks like it’s in clear line of sight and I’ll get a shield icon over one of my soldiers.

But there are some real strokes of genius here, the fatigue system in particular adds a whole new layer of depth, love it.


Depends on the undead. Skeletons you probably want blunt weapons, but zombies slashing tended to work better in my experience.

I’d look for people with good weapon skill upgrade potential to use “better” weapons. Before long you want to have 2 spears tops, usually for the ends of the line and even then it starts to fall off in potential against a lot of things.


Pure spearwall lacks damage and is also redundant IMO. You want a core front of speardudes but at least a couple of others with axes or maces etc. Also, once your guys get a couple of levels, consider switching at least one to 2-Handed. Be careful with your 2-hand wielder as the lack of a shield makes them squishy but they can really punch into the enemy if you use them right.I tend to shoot for an early game mix of 5 or 6 1H/shield, with spears as the 1H early phasing into axes etc. I supplement that with 2 or 3 archers (XBows are probably the way to go early) and 1 or 2 2Handed “flankers”. Use the spear wall to control the center of battle, use the archers to focus fire on high value targets, and use the flankers to… flank and chop stragglers / end-of-line dudes to bits. That is a good mix against the early foes like bandits and undead. Be careful against wolves and those nachzahr? dudes due to their speed.

Later on when facing mightier undead, goblins or orcs, you will need to use more advanced tactics and party composition, but early on a core of 1H/Shield plus some archers and flankers works nicely.


Free Lindwurm DLC launched.

Adds a new opponent with unique mechanics and loot: the Lindwurm
Adds a new set of Lindwurm-themed named armor, helmet and shield
Adds a new usable item: Flask of Acid
Adds a new Lindwurm-themed banner to choose for your mercenary company




Awesome! I thought they weren’t going to develop for this title any more, since they considered it “done”? Well, I won’t complain!


I wish the game featured battles in buildings/towns. It feels unfinished without them (and other stuff).


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I refuse your offer!


So they released a free DLC with a small patch recently. The DLC is the Lindwurm a dragon/serpent thing that occupies two tiles and sprays acid. It’s a fun little addition. I fired up a save at the midgame level and roamed around until a Lindwurm spawned and fought it. With a full crew at level 5ish it was not a tough fight, but it’s a nice little added bit of content. The patch changes looked pretty minor.

I had thought development was done on this but they did just give us a small free DLC.


New update for BB. Mostly bug fixes but good to see they are still making improvements.

I started playing again and have “won” the Greenskin Invasion and have continued on. Am at day 156 and have yet to encounter the Lindwurm. My party is all high level so I expect this to be a bit of a let down once I do, based on the post by @Sharpe.


This game is brutal. I’m playing on easiest difficulty (if you can call it that lol) and I’m still losing brothers in second or third fight. I don’t know if I’m just rolling bad seeds and getting tough battles (had undeads as first mission for a couple tries in a row now) or if I should simply turn in my TBS gamer card, but this has been a humbling experience so far.

AI seems fairly competent too, I’ve met a group of rather well equipped brigands that stuck to their formation and protected their two rangers and they were a really tough nut to crack - without the help of a caravan that joined the fight (they all got creamed lol) I would not have been able to win. Again, this is on easiest difficulty!

I asked upthread about some tips but apparently I need even more detailed strategy tips for the very very early game (first ten days or so) - how many brothers to recruit, what types to recruit (in my current save I lucked out and got a flagelant and a farmhand with decent physical traits on day 1), which weapons to buy (should I get the better ones from weaponsmiths in the cities?), how much gold to leave in reserve, and so on.