Battle Brothers Hits Early Access


One thing I don’t think has been mentioned, or if it has I missed it, is the road events mechanic.

Things happen on the road and you typically have various options, which are dependant on the backgrounds of your brothers.

I had one event, where you come across a caged wildman in a caravan. If you have a Monk in your party it opens up a choice tree where the caravan owner dies, and you get the wildman as a companion, plus a dog and a falcon.

In another, I bought a map that would have been expensive toilet paper, were it not for the presence of a historian in my band, who could decipher it and unlock a new position on the map.

I love this!

I’m going to finish up my current mission, buy a round of drinks and go to that area of the map. Who knows what we shall find.


Good luck with the treasure at the location. And the battle there.


WHOA. I am hiring a historian for my next playthru! So cool!



I’m trying to hire at least one of every profession, except cripples.

@ shivax, in my current playthrough, my battle standard is basically the Grim Reaper :).



Ugh, started a new game on veteran/veteran and at day nine all was going well, then suddenly my guys are fighting four necrosavants. One moment they are walking in the wild, the next they are in combat, just like that. No warning. There was not a net in our stash, party wipe.

I’ve had these instaspawns happen before.

Uninstalled this game once again.

I know I will reinstall it again.


The devs seem conflicted. Once they released the game, they essentially said they’d be moving on to something else and no longer releasing additional content:

Development on Battle Brothers is concluded with today’s update – although we’ll of course continue to provide bugfixes, as necessary.

But in October of last year, they released the free Lindwurm DLC. And today, they announced this:

Personally, I’d love for them to continue to release new content, conflicted or not!


Hm, interesting. Sadly I lost a bit interest since the overworld/company management aspect is quite bare-bones/non-existing, but it is on my list of games to return to.




I’ve installed and angrily uninstalled this game so many times. I should pay them for the cathartic release.

Whatever they have up their sleeves will need to be mighty compelling to lure me back in for another go.


“Full-sized [non-free] DLC”

  • A variety of challenging new beasts populating different parts of the wilds. Each with unique mechanics and loot.
  • A bigger world to explore, full of unique hidden locations throughout that offer new possibilities and rewards to the daring adventurer.
  • Trophies from slain beasts that can be crafted into charms, potions and other items to customize the look of your hardened mercenaries and benefit them in combat.
  • New contracts that have you engage in profitable beast hunting, exploration and more.
  • New weapons, tools, shields, and armor to equip your men with.
  • New paint items that can be used to paint shields and helmets in the colors of your company.
  • Lots of new events.
  • New music tracks.

Great to see them expanding on the base game!



However, what I feel the game lacks is an overworld mercenary company management system.


That sounds amazing, I’ll definitely give the game another shot once the dlc releases.


the tilte of the new dlc should of been ’ M O R E ’




any chance we may see some of the cool stuff, as mentioned in the reference by @Coldsteel in the quote?


I hope there aren’t dungeons. I like the open space of the game as it is. The enclosed space would be too tedious.



Dang, and I thought Necromancers were a PITA.

The comments section is amusing. Legs…