Battle Brothers Hits Early Access


the tilte of the new dlc should of been ’ M O R E ’




any chance we may see some of the cool stuff, as mentioned in the reference by @Coldsteel in the quote?


I hope there aren’t dungeons. I like the open space of the game as it is. The enclosed space would be too tedious.



Dang, and I thought Necromancers were a PITA.

The comments section is amusing. Legs…



New weapons!


I’m so happy they decided to add to the game. I suspect they realized that a DLC like this could help hold them over financially while they’re developing their new game.

Those new weapons look sweet. Especially that fencing sword. It will be nice to have more good non-armor based builds.


Yes, they all look wonderful!.


The Throwing Spear - Throwing weapons also get some love with the new Throwing Spear. Larger than a Javelin, it’s a consumable item similar to the Throwing Net and designed to take out shields from afar.



will that throwing spear be good against the orcs? hmmm


New devblog about various small changes for the update accompanying the DLC : Devblog 105

Highlights include a way to tryout new recruits and improved AI.

When looking at the list of potential recruits, you now have the option to give each individual a tryout, meaning a proper inspection to reveal all of their character traits. The cost of giving a tryout scales with the hiring fee of the recruit, but it’s probably a good idea to conduct a tryout for your more expensive hires.

With the coming update, all enemies will benefit from better positioning and better coordination amongst their ranks. They’ll be better at protecting their vulnerable units, changing between offensive and defensive strategies, and identifying bait from the player.


Seems to me that a more experienced merc could gain a perk that allowed them to appraise a new recruit and to see some of the more obvious traits.

This is a step in the right direction, but it seems tying the ability to experience rather than coin makes more sense. I should make my own game…


I just rationalize it as being your own expertise as the company captain.

I like your idea in theory, but I think it would take a whole new class of “helper” hires to make it shine, i.e. trainers, surgeons and so on. It could even be a nice way to keep old and maimed brothers around.


The AI already kicked my ass. Looks like I’ll be playing on Baby Level again LOL.


Ha! You and me both. I think they mentioned that the AI will better resist player baiting… I feel like I’m the one that keeps getting baited!


New consumables (potions, drugs and paints) on the way:

So glad Overhype has decided to continue adding content to BB. Such a solid foundation to build upon.


Ohhh love the paints idea!


According to PC Gamer the release date is November 29