Battle Brothers Hits Early Access


Can’t stand the art style of battling heads, but that’s just me.



Sadly, not just you. I want to like this, but it’s hard to get past the whole head art direction.



Agreed. That’s probably why I’ve held off buying. More like “Battle Body-less Brothers.”



Same. As much as I love the idea here, I want more than just heads bumping into each other. I could never get into strategic war games for the same reason, NATO markers just aren’t interesting to look at.



I initially had a problem with the concept when Unity of Command came out, but eventually I got over it.



I hadn’t thought about the connection to wargames with NATO symbols. I view it as closer to chess pieces.



Same. I also think of them as fancy chess pieces.

I’m also not a fan of the style, but thinking of them as chess pieces does help me a bit YMMV.



Does anybody else actually LIKE the art style? Or is it just me?



Going only from the pictures on the Steam page, I rather like the art style.



If I can get passed this and play for hours and hours, I think you can overcome BB graphics, which I too rather like.



Saying it reminded me of chess pieces wasn’t a knock against it. I like the art design.



I really like the art style.



I, too, enjoy the art style. Now the functionality of the art is a different issue. On maps with forests, I find trying to figure out where trees/obstacles are or aren’t in relation to my characters very difficult. I don’t mind them using rather flat, torso and head only artwork, but it really makes understanding where the pieces are on a 3-D map difficult for me.



Don’t own the game but watching Das’ videos I’m intrigued. For those that are playing the game, is the traveling back and forth running mundane errands to earn gold something that gets tedious? Having to click constantly to keep the BBs on the road looks annoying. But I could imagine there being some suspense as to if/what your fellows run into.

The graphics appeal to me, especially when a BB’s head gets loped off, but that’s just me.



Haven’t played a ton (Since I really try to hold back on early access games so I don’t burn out before they’re done) but no, mundane errands don’t seem too tedious. If you avoid combat entirely just moving on the world map isn’t that time consuming, and combat is deadly enough that I haven’t reached an excessive grind point.

Specifically clicking to keep them on the road sounds weird though. In my relatively limited experience I didn’t have any issue with that, instead of strictly traveling in a straight line they seem to automatically path to follow roads/avoid obstacles when appropriate on the world map. Major changes in the road direction you’d obviously have to click, but small zigzags didn’t seem too bad to me.



Major update coming soon! Here’s episode #1 of the dev’s new LP showing off some of the “Worldmap” changes:

Oh, and just found Episode #2



Have the devs set a release date, yet?



Monday, Feb 29th (for this update!) Here’s what’s coming:

Worldmap Update new Feature List:
New Worldmap
A bigger and all-new procedurally generated worldmap comes with new terrain, oceans and shores, and wild and unexplored parts covered in fog. It’s teeming with life as peasants, caravans, ships, hunters, beasts and many more pursue their goals.

New Settlements
Settlements differ vastly in appearance, size, services they offer, men to hire and goods to buy. Fish is cheapest at fishing villages, more metal-based products can be found at mining settlements and you’ll find men with combat experience at castles.

New Contract Mechanics
Contracts are completely redone. You can now negotiate the terms of payment, and every contract comes with twists to spice things up and keep you on your toes. There’s 9 contracts in the game right now, double the amount of before, and we aim to have several times that for the finished game.

Factions & Relations
Noble houses vie for power and cities are ruled by corrupt councils. Meet the leaders of factions on and off the battlefield, make powerful allies or betray them and feel their wrath.

All parties travelling the world now leave tracks for you to follow or avoid. Different factions use their own footprints so that you can see at a glance whether it’s humans, orcs or beasts who moved though.

Make camp to have your men recover from their wounds, repair their equipment and have time pass faster. But be careful, the camp fire will be seen from afar and may attract unwanted attention.

A Proper Introduction
The game now comes with a proper introduction and story to set up the mood and ease you into the open world gameplay with useful advice from other characters.

Additional Music & Sound Effects
Four new music tracks join the already hour-long orchestral soundtrack. Orcs got all of their sounds redone, and the game now has a rich ambient soundscape, from birds, to the wind howling, to people in the streets as you visit one of the many cities of the world.



Which is not a release, but a date for the update only.



Edited for clarification that it’s still in development. I have no idea when it’s slated to be completed.