Battle Chasers: Nightwar


Interesting, I encountered many weird enemies indeed and some with surprises up their sleeves punching much higher then their level would suggest. But for me figuring out how to deal with those is part of the fun for me.


Yeah, there’s little to no warning or clues when you wander into an area above your level. And sometimes, you get ganked by some random mob in an airship that chases you down in level-appropriate areas. That one really pissed me off.


Talk about this has seemed to dry up. It’s on sale at dlgamer for $19.50 for the next 14 hours. Are people still playing and enjoying it?


I’m in the ‘waiting for the Switch version’ club. But unfortunatley December is right around when Xenoblade comes out so I’ll probably be waiting a bit longer than that. :)

But yeah there wasn’t a huge amount of talk in here, but at least there’s minimal of the typical post-honeymoon attitude swing you often see.


It is a good game and entertaining but I also ran in the issue of enemies of too high a level because I switched around my team mates. I think a majority of the games “issues” could be solved by letting all characters gain experience at the same rate. Or they made it the way they have to make replaying dungeons mandatory. It is not a bad game but Elex came out so I took a break.


I’m in the ‘waiting for Switch’ camp too. The game looks super cool though.


Yeah, I actually bought it already on Amazon for the 20% preorder discount.


I’m 9 hours into this - my party at level 9. I just finished the 2nd dungeon.

I think my opinions are similar to what has already been mentioned. The art is beautiful, the colors used and just the way they made the environments - it’s really nice to look at. The story so far is pretty simple, but it makes for a good reason to hang the gameplay on.

I like the combination of overland map and dungeons / exploration areas. It gives a good feel for exploring the world and getting to the different environments, making it feel like an actual place.

The combat is pretty cool, but too easy so far. I played the first dungeon on ‘normal’ difficulty and the second one at one harder. I’ve had one of my guys go unconscious 1x. I’ve never really been pressed. The mechanics are good, but I wish there was less easy combat and some challenging encounters. Based on some comments on the Steam forum, it seems like that will change later on. There is a lot of combat so hopefully I still enjoy it by then.

I like the steady trickle of acquiring new combat abilities. Since the enemies die pretty quickly so far, I don’t use some of the abilities as much as I’d like to because in many cases it just makes sense to do the most damage I can to take out an enemy. I don’t need to wait for things like bleeding, because while that causes more damage over the long run (and can set up combos) I can just hit them and make them die. There have been some more hardy enemies, but they are the exception.

The perk points are a nice way to customize the characters to match how you want them to play, and you can adjust them at any time so their usage can change.

So, I didn’t need to let the JRPGness scare me away. It’s a pretty good game. I just hope the combat becomes a little more tense and that there isn’t so much of it that it gets old. So far, a good purchase.


I’m at level 17 now, with the golem dude, redhead, and warrior as my party. I struggled in the last dungeon, but I made it. Things were several levels above me and it showed. I’m now in the 5th dungeon - Deadwatch. I think I’m about midway through the game. The enemies seem to be 2-4 levels above me (playing the dungeon on hard). The enemies just seem to hit too hard and are able to take too much damage. I wonder how much easier it would have been on normal.

I don’t want to replay the dungeons to grind, so if I can’t keep up I may be done. I’ve gotten a good 20 hours out of it, so no complaints. I can play the dungeon on normal difficulty and if I fall behind in the leveling curve after that, then quit.


I finally uninstalled it. Was barely playing it, decided to try it again.

3 minutes later I was done. Grinding just isn’t all that fun and you basically have to do it because everything is so gear dependent. And gear is very RNG. Meh.

Still pretty as all heck though.


If anyone is looking forward to this on Switch, it finally has a release date of May 15. And if you don’t mind the physical version, Amazon has it for 26 bucks right now.


I bought this on sale last week. It is… not good. Graphics are amazing but as an RPG it is so boring.


Unfortunately, it has a bit of a slow start. Have you unlocked the rest of the characters yet? It’s one of those games that doesn’t reveal itself until you’ve paid a few hours in gametax.



No I’m in the first dungeon, iron fortress or something. I’m just collecting crap and fighting the same thing over and over by pressing A repeatedly.

I played for an hour or 2 then went back to Divinity.


Played the first 5 hours on the switch on a plane today. Really digging it so far. My take is very different from @Wallapuctus . I really like the battle system so far, especially the speed system and the way overcharge works. Am I making more use of abilities than I really needed to thus far? Maybe, but I expect things will get more difficult, so I’m taking advantage to learn the finer points.


How’s the Switch version compare technically, is it a compromise in any way compared to the other console versions?


Can’t speak to the others. Load times were a bit long, especially into and out of the one big dungeon I’ve been in. No other issues I’ve noticed.


I’ve not played it on any other platform. There was a lot of talk in Switch reviews about frame rate drop and load times in comparison to PC. I’m not too far in, but I personally have not noticed frame rate issues (even in the rain which was called out by one review). Maybe it is a PC master race thing that needs everything to be at 120 FPS always? Not sure. The game does have “long” load times (probably just <10 seconds, but it FEELS long) when moving into or out of major map changes like a dungeon. Once in the major map changes there are much briefer load times between tiles/zones.

All that said, I’ve waited a long time for Battle Chasers on Switch. I could have bought it on any other platform awhile ago, but I wanted it portable and pauseable. I’m enjoying the game so far. It’s quite visually stunning and a fun little crawler.

I am finding it (so far) a bit “too little to do”. There is not a lot of equipment changes and no decisions at leveling, but I am dabbling with For the King on PC (totally will rebuy for Switch later) at the same time so maybe it is just a comparison feeling. It could also be that I am too early in the game at this point. The battle system of balancing overcharge, attack delays, and mana supply is cool.

Above all, it is a great fit for the Switch. I love the portability and being able to pause at any time. I can pick it up to finish a fishing hole, play a single dungeon tile, or soak up a whole dungeon run. Whatever, wherever, and at my pacing. It’s a great platform fit for a dungeon crawler. Even some of the reviews that were harsh on frame rate stated that the Switch was the preferred platform.


Thanks for the replies, I think I’m sold on the viability on the Switch.

But then I checked the price and realized it’s on sale for $15 on PS4 right now. I didn’t buy it, but it’s hard to pay $40 on the Switch when it’s a fraction of that on the PS4, so I think I’ll hold on for a while and see if it gets discounted on the Switch in a few months.


I just bought this on PC, and I honestly didn’t expect to like it. I bought it because a good friend was a big evangelist for it and I wanted to be able to talk to him about it.

And I freaking LOVE it.

I have to give some context: I am not really a big RPG player. I mean, back in the day I used to be, but nowadays very few of them feel like they’re worth the gobs of hours they require. I have played almost zero Japanese-style RPGs, as I missed their heyday on the consoles. RPGs I’ve spent more than 20 hours on:

  • Ultima 5
  • Ultima 6
  • Torchlight
  • Expeditions: Conquistador
  • West of Loathing
  • Cat Quest

But Battle Chasers is my kind of RPG.

First, the combat systems and equipment and advancement are character-centric. Please don’t give me a ginormous web of player abilities that I can customize to make a mage-assassin-priest-thief. Give me an awesome character (or five) who do awesome things specific to them using awesome equipment types specific to them and let me make them awesomer and awesomer.

The pacing of advancement and the introduction of new characters, etc, is, to my tastes, practically perfect. (I just found the fifth character.) And advancement never gets super fiddly. The perks system is nicely compartmentalized and intuitive. I don’t feel like I have to go into an hours-long torpor of staring at statistics to know what I want.

I have some criticisms of the fishing (unpolished and unfun–feels like a half-baked KS stretch goal) and crafting (hasn’t seemed useful yet, and it’s hard to set your sights on something you really want to make and then pursue that goal actively).

The story isn’t spectacular, but the world looks interesting and the characters are appealing.

I would not have expected a first project from a new studio based on a comic property funded by Kickstarter to be so polished or to include so many very elegant design choices. I’d expect a kinda sloppy mess of fascinating ideas that fail to propel me through the sludge.

Very glad I gave this a try.