Battle Chasers: Nightwar


At this point, these are my preliminary priorities:

  1. Guild Wars 2
  2. Heat Signature
  3. Hob
  4. Battle Chasers: Nightwar
  5. Anything else

To be honest, 3 and 4 are really close and can change position easily. So there. ;)


Is Child of Light considered JRPGy? At first I didn’t like it much but it grew on me as I went and I ended up liking it quite a bit.


Combat in Child of Light is certainly JPRGy. The rest isn’t really.


Me thinks our tastes are not in alignment :-)


That is a possibility, yes. ;)


The art in Battle Chasers doesn’t seem JRPGy either, so that is good.


Actually, none of the games in your list seems bad to me (except for maybe TW - I have an awkward relationship with that one) - just not high priority!


Not to derail, but fwiw, I’ve owned a few handhelds and none of them were very comfortable after even a short burst of play. My Switch though, is awesome. It sacrifices nothing from TV mode and offers a lot of flexibility for portable play. You can use it like a handheld, or you can buy one the many stands for it and play in whatever configuration is comfortable in the situation. Just now, I return from finishing up a boss fight in Mario Rabbids during lunch where I had the joycons loose in each hand and the screen set up on the armrest of my car as I played from the back seat.

As a side note, I LOVE Indy game options as much, or probably more, than Nintendo games. I rebought a few games and play them a lot more on Switch. I also await games exactly like Battle Chasers as a pocket sized lunch time adventure that can equally gobble up living room binge play.


So the first dungeon is a bunch of randomly connected rooms with an end boss, traps, and bad guys. I wasn’t able to finish it in one go, so I saved and exited. Came back later, was outside the dungeon. Went back in expecting everything to have reset - it didn’t. My progress was saved, and I was able to finish it and unlock the next difficulty level. Apparently I can go back in and it generates a new one. Pretty awesome!


So my A button on my Xbox controller… doesn’t interact with things on the over map half the time. Works everywhere else. Sometimes spamming it works, sometimes walking away and back over and over works. Sometimes not. I had to stop on basically the first quest because I couldn’t walk into the Blacksmith.

What I saw was cool, but… I literally can’t play the game because I can’t advance anything.


Huh. I’ve used an Xbox 360 and Steam controller, yet don’t have this issue. Have you tried updating the game to the experimental branch version?


Welp. Now I’m waiting for it too… but this Octopath demo is pretty cool.


Not sure if you guys should listen to me on the release date for the Switch. I don’t remember where I originally read that, but I just went looking for news and there wasn’t much info. Amazon has the date as December 31, but that sounds like a placeholder date.

On their October 3rd Kickstarter post they said, “As of now, the Switch version is delayed and we’re not quite sure till when. We’re waiting on some updates to Unity that we’ll need before we can comfortably promise a release date for the game.”


From what I saw, it was delayed due to issues with Unity so my guess is… no one knows if and when it’s coming. I grabbed it for $30 on Steam - while I like games on the Switch, there is plenty coming on that platform, and nearly all at once, so having one few game to play at the end of the year on the Switch seemed like a good plan.

@ShivaX The keyboard/mouse seems to work alongside the controller, did you try using the interact button (I think it’s E) instead of A on the map? No problems here so far, you could also try to repair your install, or just delete and re-download.


How story intensive is this game. I just started D:OS 2, and I am enjoying it, but I am in the mood for something a little less story heavy. I want to dive into dungeons/fight, not explore a town and talk to a ton of people right now.

I ordered it from for the Switch for $32 off of Amazon, but I might pick it up for PC if it more of what I am looking for.


This is right up your alley then, it’s a straight forward tale (so far) with only a few NPC/Vendors to talk to. From what I’ve seen of the first 3 or so hours. The first dungeon is amazing, and I am eager to explore more of them.


Elaborate, please.


It starts off intriguing, because you can pick normal or hard mode and you get a bigger reward. This struck me as a fun gameplay mechanic when it’s not tied to some sort of mobile game. The dungeon when I went through it was pretty tough (I party wiped at one point, and lost a lot of gold “fleeing” back to town - though thankfully my progress to that point wasn’t lost, and I just had to get back to where I died to try the fight again, higher level this time as I found a side quest in town and leveled up doing it).

There is a lot of fun stuff to find in the dungeon, and from what I’m reading many elements may even be randomized. There are shrines, teleport points, various puzzles, NPC’s to encounter, enemies to face, treasure to be won and earned, a lot going on. It was a big dungeon too. Here is the map for my dungeon, not sure how different the layout will be for everyone when they get to that same dungeon.

I assume if it’s randomized there are always some bits that stay the same of course, but I don’t really know having only been through it once. There is a second dungeon I’m right outside of where I saved and took a break, so there seem to be a decent amount of them in the game. While the one I went through was part of the story, this second one seems optional.


Looks good. I may end up grabbing it after all.


Uh, this game is good. The dungeon Scott mentioned – and according to the manual, it is randomized – is what really grabbed me. So it’s got stuff like this in it? Cool.

I’m kind of regretting that I “booted it up to look at it real quick” because now I want to keep playing.