Battle Lord: HOMM meets Diablo?

Did a search and didn’t come up with any posts on Battle Lord, coming to you from the team who brought you Space Rangers 2 (under the new banner of Katauri Interactive). Real-time overland adventuring with turn-based battles. If HOMM V disappoints, this could make for a fine alternative. Too bad it’s not coming out until 2007.

One interesting tidbit:


I love turn based games. this looks awesome.
Im guessing using octagons as the grid allows for 6 on 1 melee combat versus the usualy 4 (with square grids).
The only problem i see so far is that the levels look really flat with little elevation, which was also a problem in gladius and gets stale after a while.

looks good so far though

“Bill Gilbert is now the 6 level!”

That looks pretty sweet, but will it have Starforce amd can we have 3, 15-page long threads about whether to or to install it?

For a moment there I thought the battles would be taking place inside The Octagon, and while I admit to some dissapointment the old tabletop player in me is allways excited to see a hexmap.

yep looks good so far… and we need new games 2007 too…

Nice. The monster mash of game design that was Space Rangers 2 has got me all excited for this game, which I would probably be looking forward too even if I had never heard of the developers. The mix of HOMM & Diablo is A.O.K with me.

Not sure I like how Justin’s location is “Viral Marketing HQ”.

What could be mor fiendish than outright telling people you are an evil marketeer and hiding behind the truth?

Okay, back to game. I am not sure what a real-time overland map means. I assume it will have a pause so you can look at your quest journal, notes, etc. So it’s basically like SR2 without automatic pauses, and without an END TURN button.

Pausable real-time just means I hit SPACE BAR a whole lot.

Love the look of it. And I’m all for TB combat. I’m gonna have to keep my eyes on this one.

I couldn’t help but notice a total lack of similarity to Diablo. Basically, if you draw the Venn Diagram of Diablo and Battle Lord, you end up with “They are both games.”

Thank you times infinity. Wow, this gives me something to look forward to. I didn’t see much on the PC horizon to get me excited, but this has done it. PLEASE PLEASZE PLEAZZZZZWEEEEEE pull this off!

Ho ho! You scamp! The idea!

Anyway, anyone else heard about this other amazing new game? Everyone who’s cool says it’s going to be the spiritual succesor to X-Com.

Hence the “?”.Gamespot describes the game as a mix of TBS and action-RPG. I just picked the first two examples that came to mind.

@Cheetah Girls

Granted, the tactical map looks similar to a “Farm” map in X-COM.

And that’s coming out on GBA? I’m so stoked. I’ll be buying it on day one. My screen name will be yurislave or raven if that’s not taken.

I salute this use of Venn diagrams!

Why the use of a real-time map? If that’s the case, why not a real time combat? That would at least seem a lot more like Diablo? Just seems like a HoMM clone with real-time hero movement to me.

Well, you’re the expert.

Also, requoted because it’s funny:

Im guessing using octagons as the grid allows for 6 on 1 melee combat

(Like Johan, I would have preferred it if combat actually took place in the Octagon. Or at least the Thunderdome.)