Battle of Norghan - turn-based team management game

I found this mentioned in one other thread and it has been out and improved since (around a year or two now).

It is sort of a medieval team management game. Sorta turn-based chaos league. You start with a draft via bidding and have to move up through eight divisions to win the championship through league play. There are bunches of races with different statistics and classes of the regular RPG variety. Your units can improve through battle after you have drafted your team or use training grounds to pay for skill improvements. You can also use the money from your winnings and outfit your characters with weapons armor and spells. In addition, in between a season’s games you can draft from a much smaller pool of available players.

Anyways, I have been through the time limited demo and it seems like it would be pretty interesting. Has anyone tried this and bought the full version? Curious if it has staying power.

Tyjenks fails the Internet.

How does that link answer his question?

Can I call a do-over?

Calling the graphics sub-par is generous, but I still thing it might just be the biz-omb.

OK, I didn’t bother to look at the actual screenshots. They could use some… work.

Wasn’t there a game like this made by a guy that posted here? It was more like Championship Manager, the game focused more on building and managing a team of fighters in some sort of medieval arena combat.

It wasn’t meant to. He just should have included linkage to begin with.

Was it perchance Coliseum?

It’s text based, mind you. The guy was called Derek.


Ben is right. I have no excuse for the failure in my duties when calling attention to some obscure turn-based title.

Maybe some of the work week people have tried it and can tell me when they get back to blowing off work on QT3 come Monday.

I tried Battle of Norghan a while back and while I love the idea, I found the interface and implementation lacking. The graphics didn’t really bother me, though. I think I’ll check it out again and see if they’ve improved it in the areas that bothered me.

Also, Sones for the save.

Yeah, the interface is a bit…um…obtuse. I started to get used to it right when my time limit was up. Got to play two full matches. The fighting is pretty standard in the beginning, but I imagine as you move through the divisions and your guys acquire higher level abilities an better equipment and your team grows from 4 to 20, the strategery kicks in.

Early on, the draft process and budgeting your money to equip your guys with just basic weaponry is where the fun be at.

For some reason there is a full version and a gold version that is $5 more. Not much point in getting the regular full version. I guess the guy needed to pay the light bill, so rather than adding new features to a work-in-progress, he made a mini-expansion pack. For an indie, I guess I can’t blame him, but that pushes the price to $29.99, I think. A wee-bit pricey for my impulse, online purchases. He does offer a 30-day moneyback guarantee. Hell, I could burn out on a virtual sex game that provided real world orgasms in 30 days. Pretty sure if I get 20 hours of play over 2 or 3 weeks he can keep my money regardless.

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Hey, this is pretty fun. Was there every really any doubt that I was going to talk myself into buying it? I don’t even need others to validate my purchase. Just look at the poor response my thread received.

The drafting is cool. The decision to sign to a lifetime contract (expensive and you often get into bidding wars with other teams) or just a year is a difficult one. Just finished a season and kept my wizard, but a Knight and 2 Minotaurs left as I could only afford to offer an initial year long contract. Alll that work and levelling helped move up a division, but the meat of my team is gone. I upgraded their contracts during the season, but I either did not have enough or I missed something as I thought I was buying out their lifetime membership to the team. Have to look at that again.

The money management adds a nice dynamic. If you outfit all your guys and then they die in a fight, you may not have enough to resurrect them for the next one. Winning and then deciding whether to upgrade equip. or draft another in the supplemental draft is cool.

Then, every few games you get to play a “Cup” match that is part of a bracketed tourney that goes throughout the season. You start out in the last of 8 divisions and your Cup match is against someone in another division. Generally you are outmanned, however, if the team had a particularly rough match prior, they may only have one or two live players to field. Winning or coming in second in the cup tourney gives you a nice phat bag of gold. There are two Cup tourneys, one for small teams (Clans) and one for the larger one’s. You usually start out with around 4 guys at the lower levels and can recruit up to 32, but that would cost an ungodly amount of money.

There are around 25 “Top 45” stat categories where you can track how individuals are doing. Not sure how the guy came to 45 instead of 50. Maybe 45 is a standard unit of measure or something in FInland where I believe the guy is from.

The graphics and interface still make my teeth hurt and are quite unwieldly. The game could certainly be annoying and simply un-fun with other various idiosyncracies that crop up. It is no way as deep as a game like Dominions which can easily be forgiven for its drawbacks due to the plethora of other features it gives you. Also, I have only played 2 seasons and around 30 matches (which go relatively quickly, BTW) so it could wear thin. It is still 30 bucks.

Me likey.

I bought the game when it was first released and had some fun with it, but it just wasn’t deep enough to hold my interest. I probably should download any patches and check out the progress that’s been made though.

There are updates since then to the “Full” version, but there is an additional update to the “Gold” version that adds a few features (like the Top 45 stat thingies) that will cost you 5 bucks to upgrade.

And no, it is probably not deep enough to keep you coming back for months, but it is a great little RPG/strategy/management sim, which is a genre combo you do not get much of.

Yep, when I found it I was really hoping to find a gladiator management type game. I ended up picking up this and Coliseum. Neither really had the depth I was hoping for but both were fun little games in their own right.

How’s the map variation? Are there are fair number of different types?

There are a few types of maps. I have not looked in the (BRIEF) manual to see if the type (Lush Grass, Desert, Forest) have any actual gameplay effects, but they are pretty miserable on the whole. Basically flat surfaces with the occasional tree, rock or stream. Each cannot be moved through, but they do not serve as cover. The only strategic value I can see is putting your guy’s back or side against them so they cannot be attacked on all sides. I am treating it like it is a flat boardgame about like the older HEroes games. A stump here, a pile of bones there, other than that, very plain.

That river definitely knows the shortest distance between two points. I’m also wondering about the arcane magick that allowed it to pop up, full-bodied and gushing, from the middle of the meadow.

This is definitely a $15 game, so I’m not buying yet. Though it was a fun demo.

Yep, not sure why they do not lower the price. It has been a while since its release, so it may be that there are so few orders that a price drop would not entice many more purchasers. Beats me.