Battle of the Bulge Thanksgiving Special!

To celebrate the launch of our new game Drive on Moscow and Thanksgiving holiday in the US, Battle of the Bulge will be on sale for 50% through Sunday, 12/1/13.

This is the lowest price yet for the game!

Here is the iTunes link:

Don’t miss the chance to get this award-winning game for only $4.99, spread the news!

I’ve noticed this and feel tempted, but thought I should ask first. Is it light enough that a person who generally doesn’t gravitate towards military strategy games will enjoy it? My extent of military strategy games ends at Risk… I feel like this will be ones I buy and delete…

I really enjoy it (and the new Drive on Moscow). Once you get the rules down it is a lot of fun. The AI won’t give you much of a challenge, multiplayer is great. If you do decide to pick it up I’m always open for games. Scott G from the Bulge league played a ton of games back to back, switching sides, with me. It really helped.

I think if you like NHex, you will like this.

I might join just so I can say I’m in the Bulge League :>

Lol Maybe I’ll grab is later… My wallet starts to ache this time of year… So many releases and sales :(