Battle Royale has somehow come to Forza Horizon 4

Title Battle Royale has somehow come to Forza Horizon 4
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When December 12, 2019

Microsoft is adding Battle Royale to Forza Horizon 4. The Eliminator is a free mode coming today that features up to 72 players duking it out in open-world car tomfoolery…

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It used to be a joke that everything has to have a Battle Royale mode…

Now it is a sad reality, it seems.

Hey, it worked for Tetris.

Looks like it could be another fun mode. Don’t see a reason to complain about continued free support like this.

That looks really fun. I might have to uninstall Forza 6 from my Xbox so I can re-install this. Forza 6 was seeing a recent resurgence in my household because the Spotify app allows me to listen to music while racing.

It’s free so I can’t complain. I kept on meaning to go back to this so I’ll check it

Anybody manage to actually make it through a whole eliminator match without getting disconnected? I’ve tried six or seven times this morning and haven’t made it more than three minutes without a disconnect. Look fun, though.

The mode has been really well received so far, including by some community people who were skeptical of it.

Beware of a couple nasty bugs though, including one that left me unable to select the Aventador I had gotten from winning a race.