Battle vs Chess - What chess has needed!

So, RPS has an article today about the game, Battle Vs Chess, which I’ve seen on steam and was slightly interested since I thought it could be Battle Chess, a game I loved.

Well, it isnt, and they are being sued for using that name, and lost since their lawyer apparently didn’t show up. Yes, the game is just as hilarious as that small fact.

Some choice bits, that had me laughing like crazy at the office from the game :

efore we get to the strangest options, let’s first step out of Skirmish, and get into the Battlegrounds Mode. The first of two ways to play is Duel, in which you play the usual chess rules, except taking a piece switches into the barest bones of a rhythm response idea. Arrows drop from the top of a column, and you have to press the corresponding key as they pass a circle. Do well, and you’ll successfully take the piece you were after. Do badly, and your piece moves back to where it was and you effectively miss your turn. Which is, of course, insane.

oh no, it gets even better!

t gets even sillier when it’s the computer trying to take one of your pieces, and you can defend against it. Winning, which is relatively easy despite the arrows occasionally gathering some decent pace, means you get to have as many goes in a row as you win for. So want to take your opponent’s queen? Line up your bishop in her path, defend against her attack, and then take her. Genius. These sections play out in a cute (if crude) fighting game setting, two energy bars atop the screen, with animations playing out attacks. It’s properly silly in concept, utterly daft in a chess setting, and best of all, delivered with a perfectly straight face. And that’s the most sensible mode.

The best mode though, is Slasher, which is simply the most brilliant way to play chess ever…go read it - I want this game now :-D

Its on steam, but has a different name now. Check vs Mate!

Hilarious. And it’s still called Battle vs Chess when I access steam here (UK).

Well, if anyone’s interested in serious chess variants, there’s always

I thought that battlechess already tried a kick starter? I remember seeing something about it somewhere.

Gives a whole new meaning to a quick mate that is unpreventable…

  1. e4 anything
  2. Qh5 anything
  3. Qxf7(mate)

So it’s proof that White ALWAYS wins! Take that Deep Blue!

That is one terribly written news article…and given that apparently the lawyer had been discharged by Topware, why should he show up? Also, whoever ‘Theo Valich’ is, he sure is in love with the phrase ‘given that’, given that he uses it three times in such a short article.