Anyone check this out? I just saw an ad for it, it’s a browser based persistant war game. I think it’s in free beta right now, looks interesting. I haven’t had a chance to setup an account and try it out yet though, probably do that later today.

This does look interesting. Post your details and some of us (or me) might join you :)

Going to take me a while to have any real imprssions as turns can take over a day it seems. I’m on one of the starting/training maps. I think you need to go through two of those before it opens up the full corporation level game. Interface took a little getting used to. I just issued some orders to take a neighboring neutral territory, and setup surveilance in another one. The other players seem to be about as far along as I am except for one guy who already has two territories. I’m still mostly learning my way around.

I like the concept. Private armies are a cool idea.

I’ve got an account on it, although its a rough to start game. I quit, because I ddin’t feel like playing it anymore.

I too started an account because… well, just because. But I couldn’t pierce the darkness of the interface. Call me Mr. Dim.

Anyhow, now it’s become spam. Interesting spam because it looks like I’m still playing (even though I’m not), but spam nonetheless.

I wonder how this impacts the game?