Battlefield 1492 -- Late to the party

I wasn’t going to bother with it for Shoot Club. I mean, based on what little I knew, how good could it be for 3v3 games anyway? But it was simple enough to install and it even seemed to run on the Celeron 300 (!), so I figured ‘what the hell’ and put it on all six computers. And that was pretty much Shoot Club last night. It was perfect. Accessible, varied, exciting, tense, the right mix of high stakes without being discouraging, good looking.

Now I understand why all those threads sprang up while I was gone. Jesus. What a piece of work. How sweet to be so sharply reminded Why I Game [cue the swelling music]. How nice to see something so well done. So this is what all those other games were supposed to be like? Day of what? Operation Flash who? Counter-which? Medal of huh? Castle Wolf-what? World War what On-where with its subscription fee?

Six more days and counting…


That was a typo and not a Christopher Columbus joke, right?

I’m waiting for the full game. I admit to being vamped on the demo and then getting burned out so I hope more levels = more fun.

And don’t forget more vehicles and weapons. I can’t wait for a map with actual bombing runs with fighter support…

You think that’s something, Tom, get in one of those 32-player games on a good online servers (look for the Electronic Arts servers if you can find a spot on one).

It’s surprisingly “neat” in small groups, but the game is just a whole different thing with teams of at least 10 per side. It really starts to look and feel like a WAR. It’s the feeling missing from all those other games you sort of mentioned.

And again, let me repeat, again, that the tactical stuff that’s emerging among veteran players is amazing. It’s getting harder and harder to take the airfield, for example, if there’s only 5 guys working in concert against you. Same with attackers. I’m seeing combined arms, using aircraft to soften up. Covering fire for snipers getting into position. And even pincer movements. The new maps are going to blow this thing wide open.

Definitely. I was playing on a game on an EA server the other day and it completely reminded me of a story my gradfather told me about his experience in the war. You see, this one time, my grandfather reached the top of a hill and was face to face with a Japanese soldier. The two of them spent about thirty seconds emptying three clips into each other (direct head shots) with no effect. Then they circle strafed with their knives for a good minute before one of my grandfather’s friends, a foot soldier, slammed into both of them in a plane that he picked up by swimming out to a Japanese aircraft carrier.

Fortunately, grandpa Cathcart survived the accident, being bounced onto a jeep that drove him to an APC to heal, but the other two guys weren’t so lucky.

Maybe Grandpa was a low ping bastard and that gave him an overwhelming advantage.

PPPPPPPPPPPPPP!! (trying to suppress laughter and spraying monitor with spittle)

Now THAT was funny! :D

Ever hear of Tribes 2? or Tribes 1? or Team Fortress? or whoah… OFP?!?

I’m still holding out on the BF42 praise until I see some of the offline modes. Considering I have a crappy connection, I’m all left out of the BF42 online love fest.

And until it can handle massive amounts of soldiers (more than 32+) what else is it than just an online ww2 shooter with vehicles?!? BAH!!!


LMAO!! Dear Lord, that was the most hilarious stuff I’ve read all day :D

Good one, that.

None of those is as well done and seemless as this. As for multiplayer vs. single if they shipped this game with no single player I would still buy it. A good sp campaign is just icing on the cake.

– Xaroc

Thank you, thank you, I’m here all week, but seriously…

For real. In fact, unless I read a review stating that the single player is the greatest thing ever I don’t even intend to click on it. Maybe that’s shallow or something, but there are too many games waiting to be played this winter, and I have to pass on SOMETHING. I thought that was going to be Mafia, but thanks to Erik I have to play that as well.

Digital Illusions is like the BASF of video gaming. They didn’t invent the online shooter with vehicles genre, they make the online shooting with vehicles genre better…or something. :? Look, just play it.

Actually i consider it a vehicle based arcade game with shooting. The foot combat is incredibly poor when compared with other WW2 FPS games/mods.

As that it is indeed a great deal of fun, ive really enjoyed the games ive played, unlike alot of FPSs, its very funny, and that in itself is a compliment, there’s not many games that have me laughing out loud.

With kamikazejeeps, soldiers grenading tanks, odd damage calculations… planes blowing up after a dozen rifle bullets if your on foot, or 3 shells and constant machine gunning when in a tank, and little or no accuracy in foot combat i wont be taking it seriously enough to form up a BF42 squad and enter some leagues. Im having a lot of fun with the demo, but im just not sure if the long term interest in this Benny Hill of shoot em up’s is there.

I think the game is good at what it does for online play. I played a bit of that Wake demo last weekend with some friends on a lan and online and it was pretty cool. But coming from a group of OFP diehards, we just went on with OFP after a couple hours. Alot of BF42 reminds me of something like Battlezone 2 as well, or even something like Urban Assault (without the rts). I think theres a great game in it, considering the engine and ease of use of it.

And where’s Team Fortress 2 in all this? Wasn’t Valve going to do this with HL? Weird. I’m wondering if BF42 will finally replace CS as the online team game of play. I doubt it, but I hope it puts an end to CS style gameplay. I’m sick of CS style. Vehicle gameplay (combined arms) is the future of fps online… and then smooth 32+ player fps environments too, imo.


Naw, there’s niches for both. And I do agree with the guest post that foot combat in 1942 is not quite as good as other fps games.

I think part of the ground swell is that 1942 is just a damn appealing game. It’s got that buzz of “What? You haven’t played it?? We had 20 guys on the server last night and it was amazing…”

butter seems to be AWOL, so where are people congregating these days?

  • Alan

I pre-bought my copy today. Wh00t!

Server ideas.

While not being a battlefield 1942 only server, I would like to start it on that. I can’t find any info on a linux server, I have to think they are going to be releasing one. But if not, what other games? Maybe we regular schedule?

I would think we could swing this for between $2-4 per month. If it is busy i imagine we would want to have it password protected, otherwise maybe everyone who pays can admin to ban or kick people?

You can check an idea of your jumps to the server by trace routing to this server. It may not be on the exact same net block, but close.

To have something better than just an ip address - is available and fitting if Tom wouldn’t mind.


I’ll have to check with the legal department, but I personally think would be a good name for a server.

BTW, I played on the server Supertanker’s clan runs last night (he posted an IP address in at the end of this thread). Good group of guys and good connect for me.