Battlefield 1942 demo: Holy Crap!

Man o man o Manowar’s third album “Hail To England”, this game is rad. It’s like WW2 Online, only fully operational, stable, better looking, and less needlessly complicated. Instead of having eleven gears, jeeps have zero. Unless you count reverse as a gear, in which case they still might have zero, because I haven’t gone in reverse yet. Unrealistically, but super-duper-fun-ly, you can drive a tank and still shoot its big cannon. Most vehicles support a crew, but the crew just adds extra firepower instead of being required to get the damn thing to perform its basic functions. The planes work great too, and don’t require any knowledge of how to pilot an actual plane other than that it shouldn’t be flown into the ground. I’ve played on 3 different servers all with 24-32 people, and it’s been virtually lag free. It’s pretty amazing to stand on the beach and watch a giant (pilotable!) aircraft carrier out in the ocean launch planes off its deck. The vehicle physics aren’t as detailed as Halo or Mobile Forces (no independent suspension), but they’re better than OpFlash. The only problem I’ve seen so far is that the demo map really favors the Allies. I haven’t played a single game where the Axis even came close to winning or even came close to not losing severely. Maybe it’s some server setting. Still, I can’t believe the people responsible for Codename: Eagle have created the multiplayer war game I’ve been waiting for my whole life.

Favorite moments so far:

While manning a shoreline gun emplacement, I managed to lob a shell directly into an incoming Higgins boat and launched its entire crew about 100 feet in the air.

Playing for the Axis, I landed a Higgins boat on shore, jumped in a jeep, drove to an Allied forward base, and actually captured it. While I was trying to figure out how I was going to hold it, two friendly planes buzzed me. The second one dropped some bombs on the bridge that connected my new base the rest of the island, destroying the bridge and saving me! We lost a couple of seconds later.

I especially like the part where the aircraft carrier moves out from underneath me! Wait, no I didn’t!

It seems like a lot of fun ideas but I wasn’t getting very decent performance. I can’t be sure if it’s my computer, my connection, the server’s connection, or the game itself though. I’ll definitely give it some more playing.

May give it a try this afternoon. Any good, fast servers that you know of?

— Alan

There appear to be a lot of servers already. I just picked ones with low pings and didn’t encounter any problems other than the apparent total impossibility of an Axis victory.

This game is FULL of great moments!

I downloaded it and foolishly just connected to a server, expecting to be lost and confused like I am when I jump into any new game online for the first time.

They did a great job of making everything just make sense. I popped into my very first game having never played before at a trade show or anything, and I felt like I knew how to play.

I have a feeling I’m going to be playing this map all weekend. I had a BLAST with it today. There’s this fantastic feeling of huge battle - rockets flying and people running all over and exploding jeeps flying and planes strafing and everything.

I’m still a little confused about how one is supposed to get on the ships and I can’t take off in a plane to save my life, but I’ve pretty much got all the rest of it down. And that’s a lot.

Qt3 game session sometime this weekend anyone?

— Alan

Ah ok, wasn’t quite sure how it was handled. Coolness.

— Alan

Could someone alert me if and when this happens? I’ve been reading y’all for so long, it would be far out (and strange) to play a game with y’all. My email’s in my profile. Thanks.

I’m having a good time, and it’s very cool using everything in the environment. But there is still a lot of “running for 30 seconds to get a ride for 30 seconds to get blown up and start all over again” quality that there is in say, Tribes 2. I also think they could reduce the reinforcement delay without hurting real gameplay much. That kind of time out works pretty well in small Wolfenstein type maps, but on a big map like Wake with so much unseen death everywhere, I don’t care for it. “Oops, my aircraft carrier blew up and despite my pleas, the lifeboat ran off with one guy who’s rushing to the front. Well, let me pick a random spawn point which hopefully the enemy won’t be blowing up 20 seconds from now.”

Anyway, I’m addicted.

I agree with x on both fronts, its got some funny run and die gameplay, but this shit’s addicting. Could there ever be organization? A real landing craft rush with 20 peeps involved could be oh so cool.

"Man o man o Manowar’s third album “Hail To England”, "

Hey cool! I thought I was the only one who had Manowar cd’s! Thjose guys rock! AND they play Dungeons and Dragons! Talk about rad for a heavy metal band!

BTW, Dialup sucks for fps online… I cant play this game.


Yeah does anybody have connection problems? Mine have been pretty crazy, and have never been able to stay on a server for more than 10 minutes or so (on DSL).

— Alan

I’ve been on a few servers that I haven’t experienced a single connection glitch with, but a lot of them seem to redjack frequently. The fact that even medium ping (200-300) servers are full up with players isn’t helping things either.

I downloaded it and it won’t even start. It seems like a lot of people with WinXP and GF4s are having problems even though that is in no way an uncommon combo. I already run the latest drivers and couldn’t find any fix for it. Not a good sign for this game if they can’t make a demo that works on common setups.

– Xaroc

I’m running XP and a GeForce4 Ti and I have had absolutely no problems. Running at 1024x768x32 at max detail, and it’s beautiful. The only real problem is trying to find room on a near-full server… cause who wants to play the battle of Wake island with just 3 other guys?

This game is insanely fun. It just single-handedly knocked off Medal of Honor Allied Assault and Soldier of Fortune 2 off my FPS-I-Play-All-The-Time list. Absolutely hooked.

My only real complaint is they gotta tweak some of the vehicle modeling. Too many guys going kamakazee in jeeps, or just hauling ass trying to run as many guys over as they can.

Also, there’s a moment I had today that’s just out of the movie Top Secret. Buddy and I grabbed a jeep each. He was driving in front of me and stopped suddenly. I slammed the brakes but still hit him at a marginal speed… as soon as the bumpers tapped it was BOOOOOOM… both jeeps explode into flames gloriously. Just a tad bit too sensative on that collision modeling guys.

There are definitely not enough servers. It’s too cool for its own good.

Same problem here. WinXP and a GeForce 4 MX.

Seems to run at first, then it’s just white and grey squares covering the screen.

Same problem here. WinXP and a GeForce 4 MX.

Seems to run at first, then it’s just white and grey squares covering the screen.[/quote]

Hmm I don’t have that problem in my XP/Ge4MX setup. Make sure you’re running 29.42 drivers would be the first thing I guess…

— Alan

I agree that an Axis victory is hard. I played the Axis a few times today, and the real trick is that they need more organization than the Allies.

You start off on the ships, and you’ve got to take planes or landing craft to the capture points. It’s easy to get cut to ribbons as soon as you hit the beach.

The solution, which I managed after FOUR ROUNDS OF SHOUTING AT MY TEAM, is a coordinated assult. We picked one capture point, hit it from air and sea while four landing craft drove people in, and took it without much trouble. People died, but then they could spawn in on the island. Then it’s important to have everyone spawn in there (unless they’re pilots) and push your way conservatively to the next capture point.

With just two capture points, we won the match. The Axis causes faster “ticket bleeding” for holding capture points than the Allies on that map, so if you hold two and dish out some decent kills you can take the Allies down.

I’ve seen lots of quirkiness that I hope is fixed for the final game, but it’s still rather addictive. If the other maps are as much fun, this will be one heck of a game.

Man, that chat font sucks though, don’t it?

I’ve found it almost impossibly easy to capture one of the far Allied points by swinging a Zero around, ejecting and parachuting. There’s almost no chance of there being more than 1 Allied troop in those far areas.

I hope this is just a problem with the size and nature of the map but I get the feeling this is going to plague my enjoyment of the game in general – the larger concept that there aren’t any concrete ways to know where the enemy might come from when you are dealing with landing vessels, parachuters, and 90 MPH jeeps. If I think “I should hold this far point because the enemy might come for it”, most of the time I’m wasting my time. When I’m not wasting my time, there’s a good chance I’m going to get out roshamboed - I’m carrying a panzershreck expecting tanks, and a sniper comes out a far hill; I’m a medic and here comes a plane. I appreciate that this is to prevent Rambos and encourage situational superiority, but everything is so damn pell mell that I don’t think it quite works.