Battlefield 1942 demo- your impressions?

I’m having great fun with this one. Granted, I’m one of the seven people who also enjoyed Codename Eagle by the same creators, so I guess I have fanboy status. To give the game a one sentence treatment I’d say it was ‘Medal of Honor graphics with Wolfenstein soldier classes with Operation Flashpoint vehicles with Unreal Tournament domination game play’. Oh, and it has bots which work.
I have had one game hang when loading, otherwise there were no hardware problems.
Gameplay involves running around reclaiming flags at bunkers. The more flags you have, the more ‘tickets’ the other side loses per minute (I think). When the tickets run out, the game is over. This scenario recreates the siege of Tobruk, so the Germans only start with one flag. When they capture a flag, the British lose tickets at a much higher rate compared to what the Germans lose. This is a nice dynamic that means maps don’t have to be symmetrical for balance purposes.
The tanks are pretty cool- Tiger, Pz III, Wespe, Sherman, M26, Priest. 2players per tank- driver/gunner and commander with .50 cal on top. Flashpoint style damage models- It accumulates and then blows up but damage from the sides and behind is greater. No thrown tracks or damaged guns here.
The artillery tanks are good- apparently you can have a frontline scout spot for you with binocluars and it will come up as another camera view for you to use to correct your fire.
No aircraft or battleships in this scenario unfortunately. It will be interesting to see how they handle. (In CNE the planes were initially awful but were nicely fixed in a patch.)
I guess the two questions to ask are:
a) Will the net code be any good? Considering that it was one of the major problems with CNE.
b) Are people fed up with WW2 shooters? My feeling is that the addition of the vehicles gives this game a definite boost.
Now, I’m writing this after the initial high of playing it for the first time. Is there anyone willing to make a few jaded counterpoints?

The game would be fun with teams of humans, but the AI is moronic. Snipers and tanks rule seem to rule so far, so team balance might be interesting. I think if they made the tanks weaker on defense it would help - the bazooka gunners really have no chance, you must sit in another tank and slug it out for several hits. I would like to see how the scout/artillery combo works in practice.

After playing a while more I must admit that the tanks and snipers rule the battlefield. I respawn and pow! down I go, without knowing who the hell took me out.
If they tried to adjust the balance by making tanks fire and rotate their turrets slower the infantry could have a chance. I have noticed though that the undulating terrain helps you if you’re prone and you’re taking on a tank with a bazooka.
Likewise, if they made the sniper rifle more unstable and added a ‘hold breath’ key which increased the accuracy over time, it might be an incentive to choose another class.
Why do you call the AI moronic? Probably the dumbest thing I’ve noticed is the propensity for German AI to man the MGs in the bunkers which face towards their lines. Otherwise I find that it does a good job of recreating the chaos of the battlefield.
The hardest thing I have understanding is how the ticket/flag capturing works. There have been times where I own 6 out of 7 flags and still notice that my lives are dropping quicker than the Germans. Does anyone have a handle on this?

Total tankfest. But it has potential, in that the vehicles seem well integrated into the game. It’s no Halo, but I recommend downloading the demo.

Sounds like Battlezone during WW2, without the RTS stuff, and a bit of Counterstrike/TeamFortress. bleh…

Why didn’t they emulate OFP? Why oh why?

I still haven’t tried it though… so I shouldn’t complain. But I wish they’d release OFP WW2 or a game like it.


Isnt it a leaked copy and dated as far as what is being played in the beta right now?

I have a lukewarm response to this demo. The sound is weak or non-existant and the character animations leave a lot to be desired.

And why is it that every tank round has such a ridiculous arc when you fire it ? It’s like playing a fancy version of the old DOS game “Scorched Earth”.

But if this is an early beta maybe all this will change. I guess I have been spoilt by the superlative Operation Flashpoint.

I can’t even get it to work. Every time I try to run it, I get a crash to desktop right after it loads, or seriously scrunched-up graphics. :(


I didn’t know it was out! I have been waiting for a demo, though not emphatically, obviously, or I would have known it was out :). This game has a lot of promise. Does the demo include all the vehicles? Because perhaps with the planes and battleships and such, the balance would be a bit better. It must be really difficult to make a game like this, where there are so many options on what to be (including flying, sailing, etc.) and keep things balanced. And if you nerf things too much, you’ll get people complaining about realism. Someone out there will be saying: “Have you ever seen an infantryman take out a tank? It’s pretty rare! How come in this game it happens to my tank all the time?” Insert copious whining in there.

Have you ever seen an infantryman take out a tank? It’s pretty rare! How come in this game it happens to my tank all the time?

It’s pretty goddamn rare in the demo of Battlefield. I’ll tell you that.

Also, Peter-- GeForce? Or no? If GeForce, get latest drivers from


Yup, GeForce3 reference board with the latest (6/11) Detonator drivers. :(


Hey guys I’m having some odd problems also. My problems include:

  1. I can’t configure my own set of keys. I use mouse 1 for walking forward and mouse 2 for walking backward. But when I configure my personal setup, I get the conflict message and it will not save my configuration. The mouse 2 button reverts back to the mouse 1 button, so I have walking backwards and forwards on the mouse 1.

So… I can’t configure my controls personally because it goes back to the default setting all the time :(

  1. Any time I try and change the resolution and check off bump mapping, and all the other extra’s I get smeared text and other oddities. I get 2D fog, etc… Very weird…

  2. It loads painfully slow. I can sit there for 3-4 minutes before a match begins. Then if I hit the esc. key I’m sitting there for another 3-4 minutes.

My specs:

600 P3 mhz.
256 rdram
30 gig hd. (7200 rpm.)
Geforce 3 ti200 (original drivers)
audigy sound card (original drivers)

so can someone please help me?