Battlefield 1942 - Map Editor Cometh

To Do List Update
For those of you who have shared your thoughts on where we need to go next with BF1942… keep 'em coming. While we can’t answer everyone’s feedback personally, we are taking notes. As it stands our “To Do” list is pretty big.

At the top of the list:

  • Linux Server
  • 1.2 Patch
  • Map Editor
  • Mod Tools

We also have some updated information about the top list items. The Linux Server is currently going through the debug process and we’re working hard to get it out as soon as possible. The 1.2 patch will address many of the issues which have been brought up on the forums and boards concerning bandwidth optimization, client prediction tweaking and general stability (sorry, Digger, we’re not going to add a grappling hook!) The patch will also deliver the highly anticipated Map Editor. As for other mod tools, we’re looking at what it would take to modify the existing dev tools for the mod-community. Stay tuned for more updates.

God, I can’t even imagine some of the great maps the map editor will provide. The improved prediction should be welcome for some of the crybaby ‘cant hit stuff’ players too.

Damn, a grappling hook would be cool.

Come to think of it, I wish there was a map that had a church as flag location (is there one?). The church is great in 1942, but there’s rarely a reason to fight there.

Well the church in Battle of the Bulge is right next to the flag location, but its just a camp spot for snipers. Most of the fighting is in the center. I think…The church in Market Garden is pretty close to a point too, more fighting takes place in that one if I recall correctly.

I do hope they tweak the prediction, because I can’t hit ANYTHING that’s moving with the single shot guns. It’s spray and pray all the way.

I really wish they would fix that thing where the game shows you the location of the person who killed you before you spawn again. :evil:

Well I finally figured out how to do well in Stalingrad and Berlin as an engineer. The areas are too crowded for detpacks really, so I just ran around shooting people revolutionary war style. Most assault people didn’t seem used to an engineer facing them down ha ha ha.

I believe that’s a server choice Cathcart. Some servers show you, some don’t. Some have FF on, some off. That’s a guess though, because I haven’t actually looked.

I wish there was a button I could hit that caused all flyers and snipers to feel extreme pain when we lose the last flag and they’re the only one’s left alive.

I must have horrible luck picking servers, then, it seems to be on everywhere I go.

I wish there was a button I could hit that caused all flyers and snipers to feel extreme pain when we lose the last flag and they’re the only one’s left alive.

What do you want them to do, suicide and be unable to respawn? Obviously the pilots should give up their plane and try to take a base, but snipers are pretty valuable in doing that. Even more so if this patch does improve the net code and prediction, since the snipers are affected by that more than anyone.

Capturing a flag in that situation is just plain tricky. Easier when in a plane, but on the ground, near impossible. Just think, when you’re asking that lone sniper to go capture a flag by himself, a class that isn’t assault intensive, you’re asking a big thing.

Of course if they make no effort at all you can feel free to yell at them. Without the scope and some decent lead guess work I have discovered the No4 is a pretty decent close range weapon.

What I can’t figure out is why the snipers are so dumb. I mean listen. A guy shoots at you, YOU MOVE. The snipers I see are always laying down which just makes it easier to hit them in the head.

When I snipe I shoot, move everywhich way, center quickly and fire, and then proceed to move around like im drunk off my ass. Snipers are sooo easy to kill, second only to top gunners.

Another thing everyone seems to fall for is the ‘come chase me’ crap. I just lure them out and drop a detpack and blow it when they get close.

A.) Don’t chase an engineer blindly.
B.) Don’t try to run over an engineer with mines.

I was talking about the Scouts sitting in remote buildings. They have a pistol and… the manual says you can change your kit by pressing G over a fallen soldier. Has anyone tried that btw?

Seriously though, don’t you hate it when there’s like 5-7 guys and they’re all oblivious to the fact that their comrades can’t respawn?

Wow, you can change your kit? Not that I would want to since Engineers are the best, but that’s neat.

Who reads the manuals when you can just find out weeks later on some obscure gaming forum?!

You’ve been able to change your kit since the demo. I used to spawn as an AT, blast a tank and then pick up some dead guy’s pack to switch classes. It’s very useful when you’ve got the absolute wrong equipment for the job at hand.


Well that’s ok, Engineers never have the wrong equipment! ;)

Damn, G huh?

That would really have helped me, since the AT class is useless unless there happens to be a tank or enemy bunker nearby.

Yeah, I know, I actually looked at the manual finally trying to figure out the difference between the “kills” and the thing next to “kills” that looks like an electrified cross section of a guy. I found that and thought it was so neat-o I actually forgot to look up what I was looking up.

I thought you might be able to btw, I’ve seen Allied guys with Stgs before.

It’s normally a good idea to take the axis assault class, too; they’re better in every way than the allies.

Jason, what is your evidence to support this? I’ve thought that the bar is more powerful, while the stg has more rounds. Either way, I’m starting to favor the medic due to the stability of the automatic fire (less kick than the assault).

Re:the church. I’ve never actually played the Battle of the Bulge map or Gazala because when I installed the game it said “can not match cab file on cd, check with retailer about bad cd” for both the bulge and gazala. I hit ignore and the game installed everything else, but when either map tries to load I crash to desktop. Can someone explain why 'cab file does not match" errors happen (its happened on various games during install)? I’ve meant to ask a bunch of times and always forget.

One of my favorite tactics is kill a medic grab his pack heal up then grab my assualt or whatever weapon again.

– Xaroc

The axis gun sounds like it fires faster, and it appears to have a tighter spread.

I think it does. I know it does less damage per shot but typically I find myself reloading less with it. A nice 3 or 4 shot burst seems to take down just about anyone.

– Xaroc