Battlefield 1942 Strategy and Tactics

While I refuse to accept the concept that my mad skillz ain’t paying the mad billz, I’m just not as good at BF1942 as I’d like to be.

Bub, you mentioned an excellent tactic about kneeling as a sniper rather than going prone, which I found very useful.

I don’t really have anything to offer right now other than I have had more success in the planes by switching to third person mode, and then using the arrow keys on my keyboard to steer rather than the mouse. The spacebar shoots and the 0 key on the num pad drops bombs. I still fly into too many trees, though.

Anyone else have any tips?

Never piss into the wind.


Shoot the enemy before he shoots you.

Oh, and don’t let them see the whites of your eyes.


It’s little surprise that Vederman is no help; he’s the only one at PC Gamer who can’t actually play a FPS. As for Harms, it’s little wonder he can’t play because he has a full third of an Ultimate Cheeseburger lodged in his aorta.

At least I can play turn-based strategy games by myself… in my closet… by myself. So there.


A strange game, the only way to win is not to play.

WOPR! I am feeling you, dog!

How about a game of chess?

I’ve given up on getting any kills. Apparently, it’s impossible to kill someone in this game. I quit in disgust last night when an assault was able to outsnipe my engineer (the best class in the game, BTW) rifle. I plant landmines, fix tanks and capture unguarded spawn points by swimming across the bay. I can usually score 10 points that way, which usually puts me in the middle of the list.

I did have one good game where I drove the destroyer. I drove from spawnpoint to spawnpoint and shelled the shit out of it, then moved to the next one. I coordinated with the ground forces, constantly telling them what I was gonna do. Another guy on the ship switched between AA and 2nd cannon. The engineer wrench kept us afloat. It was brutally effective, we basically swept through the island and won a major victory.


What’s WOPR? Wodnego Ochotniczego Pogotowia Ratunkowego?

I’ll give you that. If anyone needs any pointers on Age of Wonder, The Vede is your man.

Um, that’s “Age of Wonders,” Jim – with an “s” at the end. It isn’t silent or anything.



We seem to have stumbled on some PCGamer quip zone… 'twas bound to happen eventually.

The engineer rifle stinks. Sorry MrAngryFace but my BAR will kill you too many times. You have faith in your weapon only because we haven’t met recently. Lag just kills the Engineer rifle, but my BAR will spray enough bullets in your vicinity to kill you. Short controlled long range bursts.

I can’t get a handle on the Sniper simply because there’s always another sniper out there smart enough to get the drop on me. Right away-like.

I’m an Assault Trooper (and wicked as an anti-tank guy when tank fans get all tanky). I lay in wait and fill you with lead as you go around corners. My favorite target is the Engineer foolish to actually fix a tank nearby. Easy pickings. I’ve given up on team play because the retail release has unleashed so many Quake-idiots it’s pointless. I’m fighting the Germans (apparently not the Nazis, no Swastika) and they’re queing for the damn planes.

I am Bub, an Army of One.

Hopefully, like the demo, people will eventually figure out the ticket system and start playing the game. Hopefully people will also stop getting all tank happy and only picking the desert and big missions to play. I love Omaha, I adore Berlin, and I haven’t even set foot in Stalingrad yet.

Jim, Jim, Jim…you should know better than to taunt Creamy Smooth. Now I shall have to cap you in the head and splash around in your innards.

My main advice for flying- get a joystick. The difference in maneuverability is incredible and it is much easier to use the Y axis.
Another tip as engineer- before trying to ram a tank with a jeep, load it up with explosives (4 in the back is nice). Run the jeep up to the tank and jump out out early. Let the jeep gently bump off the tank and then blow it up. Great for LANs- I managed to get a huge “what the friggin’ hell did you do there?” scream from that one. As an engineer, don’t offer to lie on a wing of a plane and repair it as it flies.
And Bub, try Stalingrad if you want to see a real meat grinder in action. We all agreed it was like Enemy at the Gates, just not the sniping part but the bit at the start where they charge into machine guns and all die.

I played the game, Vede, and trust me, there’s only 1 wonder in there at most.

How many shots does it take with the sniper rifle? I was pegging guys in El Alamein, but they wouldn’t do the proper thing and die. Do you have to get a head shot for 1-hit kills?

I’m not sure the game even models locational damage. It’s impossible to tell where you’re hitting (and often, whether you’re hitting at all). I don’t think any infantry weapon in the game is capable of a one-shot kill except for the bazooka (and only on a direct hit). Sometimes you will drop someone in one shot with the sniper/engineer rifle (which are the same except for the scope), but that is probably because they were not at full health.

I use a trackball mouse and have no problems at all flying planes; I can usually set up some pretty precise runs. If you can handle using a trackball in the first-person segment, I definitely recommend it for flying.

I can’t find anyone playing it. Ever.
It’s all Tobruk, Tobruk, El Whatever, Wake (Wake?), and the other desert maps. Oh, and CTF. CTF? WTF?