Battlefield 1982 Interstate

I haven’t tried the alpha yet, but I just learned about this mod for BF1942. Battlefield 1982 Interstate. This could be really cool.

It could be, but then they inexplicably chose to base it on Interstate '76’s moronic sequel. I don’t get it.

I tried it- it’s more reminiscent of the abomination that was Interstate '82. Vehicles are a bit too wild to control, the terrain is too bumpy in places for the road, lots of long waits for cars to reapawn (with the requisite fun of having to fight off everyone else to get it).
A few neat touches and it doesn’t completely suck arse but I’ll wait until they polish it a bit more.
Likewise with the ‘Siege’ mod. Looked great in screenshots, felt empty and slow in practice.

I think it’s got promise, but…

Horrifying oversteer on most cars. I’m not sure whether that’s intentional or they just can’t adjust the physics much.

The traditional mode is ok, but there’s seemingly a lot of lag and it took quite a while to get to the action on many maps - sort of like one of the large tank maps from BF1942, but without the added interest of planes bombing you or a high number of troops. It also misses a bit of the visceral thrill of car combat games, like running over stop signs and/or pedestrians at high speed. In fact, you don’t really want to go high speed because the cars are too hard to control, to apt to go flying off the fatality-laden maps, too likely to go rushing straight into your own teams cars and end up a tk’er, etc.

The race mode (the map with the huge “U” of death stunts) is interesting but amazingly frustrating. There is only one flag at the end of the course, and whichever team takes it wins the round, and there are no stops inbetween - you die, start again from the beginning. If you hated tk’ers in the past, they take on a whole new life after you’ve spent 6 minutes navigating a death course. And there’s nothing to do to help your team once you fall behind the good racers (i.e. died); you’re nowhere near the action and you’re not gonna be.

There’s an Alpha of this?.. .I saw a movie of it a while back and got really exited… REALLY.

It is a shame that it’s based on '82 and not '76 ( funkiest game EVER ) , but I guess it’s their decision, have to wait and see whether it bites 'em in the arse…

I’ll have to have a look for myself before I base my opinion fully on it… but from what you guys are saying… I’m already preparing for the big :cry:

I still pop in the I76 soundtrack cd every now and then.

I don’t have the game anymore… I wish I did, the sound track was funky, the phyics were funky… the game reeked of funky!.. and for some dumb reason I can’t find it in any stores down here… alot of them don’t even have a clue what I’m on about (EB in Tas hires the dumbest people that think Quake was the first game ever)

*(on the note on how dumb they are, theres one fella here that proclaimed to me a year and half ago to have the Doom three BETA, before the alpha was leaked… he’s a smart person)

I played it for awhile but it still needs some TLC. As someone mentioned, the cars, while beautifully modeled, are a pain in the ass to control. I even whipped out a gamepad hoping to get a bit of a handle on the driving response but it wasn’t much better.

Still, it has a ton of potential so I’ll keep it on my HD for the time being. Frankly, they would probably do better if they didn’t tie themselves to the Interstate series at all and just do their own over-the-top stuff.

EDIT: BTW, in a similar vein, download this (the most recent one at the top ) movie of the upcoming game “Crashday” from Moonbyte studios. If you’re into car combat/stunts this will knock your socks off: