Battlefield 2--How are the bots

Are the bots still braindead, or do they at least put up a semblance of a fight?

Yeah they suck. Definately don’t get it if you’re looking for some good offline action.

I don’t mind them too much, however it’s sort of a lose/lose situation.

It isn’t worth purchasing BF2 just for single-player. Bots only play 16 player maps and even then about 40% of the maps aren’t supported. I heard there’s some mods out there that change this, but nothing official.

If your planning on playing multiplayer, that’s when you really start noticing the bots shortcomings. They play nothing like real players and become a very easy challenge once you start playing online a lot.

I played against bots when I got SF for about 1 hour. It’s really hard to keep focus against these guys, even though when I was still a beginner they were fun to fool around with.

IMO the bots play more fun this time than in 1942. Still, not as good as a proper single player game, so, I have to agree, do not get this game just for the single player options.

How do BF2 bots compare to Counterstrike: Source’s bots?

What I wouldn’t give for a game like Battlefield 2 with bots at a skill level like those in UT2004.

The bots/single player is a decent way to get familiar with the game, but they are prettty simplistic and easy to kill if you have any experience at all. The one area in which they are better than human players is that they’ll find you quickly no matter how good your cover is.