Battlefield 2: Modern Combat Demo

The demo is available in this months XBox magazine. I’M curious to know what some of you guys think of it if you’ve played it.

To me it feels a bit flaky and stripped down. The aiming is lousy, the vehicle physics are off and the art assets look like a rush job. Lotsa jaggies even though they put the soft “vaseline” lens effects in. On the plus side the explosions look nice shrug.

If this is indicative of the final product then I’ll only be picking it up as a rental if at all. Not good.


I cant imagine it compares to the pc version in any way. The only consoel version I’m even mildly interested in is the PSP version, which so far, afaik, is nothing but an ‘oh yeah, it’ll be on psp also’ comment from the publisher.

How can a console port of a PC game every be expected to look as good? The target system requirments for the PC version are vastly superior of any system specs of any console. BF2 runs well with 1 gig of ram. No console has that much, nor do I even expect next gen consoles to have that much. Lets not even get into the latests video cards or hyper threded cpus.

I think the bigger problem is that a lot (all?) of the tactical aspects of the PC version were cut out.

I’m not comparing it to the PC version, of course it’ll never equal or approach the fidelity that you’ll get on the PC. I’m speaking in general. A game thats this high profile one would expect some thing more polished. Thats all I was saying.

Oh, so compared to other xbox titles it looks crappy? I guess the mentaltiy for publishers is minmal cost even at the price of quality. I remember when we would do ports for other platforms. We would only get a shoe-string budget that barely covered developer costs to change the code and resolve incompatabilities. We never got any money to allow artists to actually re-do art.

They proabbly just relied on some tool to ‘reduce’ the polygon count and texture size opposed to having a human simply make lower LOD models and textures.