Battlefield 2 Patch/Install/Uninstall probs

Not sure if this should go here or the techincal board but since it’s mostly related to BF2…

I recently got the urge to play some BF2 again lately. I think the version I have is 1.1.2551 but most of the servers say that I have an older version.

Ok go to the official site, download the huge 300mb file to patch then try to patch. Run the patch and I get a “Can’t Find install folder for Battlefield 2™” Even though i installed BF2 to whatever the default was at the time.

Ok so I figure this is some install crap let me just uninstall and reinstall BF2. Go to add/remove programs and click Uninstall on BF2. The installshield runs for a bit then flashes then dissapears.

Ok so lets see if I can install. Put the DVD disc in click install. The install shield asks for my language then runs for a bit to prepare the files then flashes then dissapears.

OOOKKKKK so lets see if I can do this in XP’s Safe Mode. Nope same deal.

Anyone heard of such a thing? Any help would be appreciated.

Download Darik’s Boot and Nuke and zero fill your harddrive. It’s the only way!

Oi. I downloaded EA’s installer thing for the expansion and the patch, which gave me no trouble. Your disc didn’t get trashed while you weren’t using it, right? You could always get an ISO if that’s the case.

I dont think it’s the DVD that’s damaged as I can’t even get the uninstaller working. It says Battlefield 2 setup is preparing the installShield Wizard please wait. Then the progress bar fills up and the install shield window appears and then dissapears in a fraction of a second.

Try manually deleting the files and related items.

  1. Delete your BF2 directory.
  2. Delete the “c:\Program Files\InstallShield Installation Information{04858915-9F49-4B2A-AED4-DC49A7DE6A7B}” - or wherever your Program Files directory is.
  3. Delete the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Electronic Arts\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2” registry entry.
  4. Delete the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall{04858915-9F49-4B2A-AED4-DC49A7DE6A7B}” registry entry.

Try installing again and let us know.

Thanks I’ll try that and let you know later this evening. At first I thought it could be just an installShield issue but yesterday i was able to patch Civ4 which also has installShield without a hitch.

Well that seems to have uninstalled the game and now it looks like I can install it.

BUT I CAN"T FIND MY ($&)(& DVD KEY NOW. :( :( :( :(

Thought I had it written here but that wasn’t it. So now I can’t play at all.

Isn’t it on the back of the manual?

It would be but I don’t keep any of my game docs or packaging. I do however have copies of the purchase receipt and game sleeve with UPC thanks to sending it all in for a compUSA rebate. I wonder if that will get me anywhere with EA’s or Dice’s customer service?

WAIIIT. Found it! whew