Battlefield 2042 - DICE Goes Back to the Future, Just Not the 2142 Future

The real horror are the couple of games I’ve seen that combine them. It’s a battle pass, but most of the track rewards are loot boxes!

I’m confused… because I play Call of Duty and I played Apex Legends for like a year straight before Warzone hit and all of those battle passes do NOT contain anything you cannot earn in the game. It is literally all cosmetics. All of it. There is nothing attainable in a battle pass that is game affecting you cannot get on your own (and easily, especially in Apex where everything is loot on the ground within the game) through gameplay.

Are there pretty shiny things that make you cooler or prettier that you could either earn in a Battle Pass or pay for? Yep. I even bought some of them and completed a bunch of BPs for them. However, I jumped back into Apex a few weeks ago for awhile and I felt no urge to buy the current Battle Pass and I played everything and used everything. I guess taking the time to earn the new characters in Apex is a thing, but I’ve got so much stored up red currency in that game I can keep unlocking characters for a few years of new ones. Operators in CoD (and in Battlefield) are just visuals. Everyone moves and plays exactly the same.

This is the best way to keep people interested while adding new things to the game IMO. Hell, I think BF4, BF1 and BFV are awful offenders for locking guns behind a grind. I paid the $10 for Definitive Edition of BFV and it was like a weight was lifted. Since they’re saying that’s not how BF2042 will work, I’m even happier.

This is in the armory?

It should be right on the main page when you sign in…

The 1000 Battlefield Coin image there. Just get the coin, get the DE Upgrade and you’ll unlock a huge pile of stuff.

There is (or was) some conflicting information on different sites about the Battle Pass. Some said cosmetic only while others claimed or rumored that new Specialists might be unlocked through one of the tiers.

Which is why I said upthread that I am mostly awaiting more info, especially the official details from DICE.

I hope both Battle Pass tiers are cosmetic only. Even then that does little to excite me for this game. But I admit that Is highly subjective and a ME problem. I should probably admit to myself that my interests have mostly moved past or away from big budget shooters.

Even if the battle passes are cosmetic-only, there will almost certainly be cosmetics in there tied to specific specialists, including ones you don’t own.

Am I remembering correctly that with CoD, getting a skin for an operator in the battle pass gets you the operator? And speaking of CoD I never realized that you can do progression solo through the zombies mode. Matches with bots don’t count though.

Yes. It’s the only way I’ve gotten any new operators as I don’t buy any of the bundles.

I, for one, enjoy the battle passes because they usually give away enough “coins” that you can earn enough for the next battle pass, too. And if I haven’t earned enough for the next pass, well, it was probably time for me to move on to another game anyway…

Correct. There are operators you can unlock by owning the Battle Pass. There are some tied to a season and others are unlocked in later seasons if they give away a skin for that operator. Any skin unlock will unlock that operator

Game play trailer:

Ok… it looks really good.

It really does look amazing. It blows my mind that none of that is a single player campaign. That’s all dynamic stuff that might or might not dynamically happen in a multiplayer game. If you have my luck, you’ll never see anything like that! :)

Battlefield 4 has now been on the top seller list on Steam for a week, and this is with it being free on Prime Gaming right now as well. The Prime Gaming deal is for Origin, so it isn’t something funky with that driving the numbers. Awesome to see it happening.

My 1080 is weeping

An upgrade should only run you a couple G’s and a kidney, no problem!

I haven’t played a Battlefield game since probably 2. I downloaded 5 last night, it this the right one to play now or is 4 better?

@vyshka I think this is a combination of a super deep sale along with the 2042 hype now. Personally I picked up/ upgraded BF 4, 1, and V on Origin for super cheap in the last few days.

I consider myself qualified to make a fresh eyed newbie response to this as I have played 4, 1, and V each a bit in the last few days. I.E. the state the game is in now. I loved the franchise back in the day, but just have not been able to enjoy titles since BF Bad Company. But I have a friend who loves them and he pushed me to look again. My experience is on PC.

BF 4: Everyone’s current nostalgia darling. I remember a lot of hate for it back in the day. Its graphics still hold up okay-ish. The gameplay has a lot of my frustrations well preserved in merri-go-round capture trading, air pilots of pure doom (these guys have been playing for years and they basically decide if you live or die when you spawn), and the obnoxious battle case thingy-s (non loot box, loot boxes) for unlocks. It has more of a vehicle presence. There is not a lot of team interaction (but no BF in the last 10 years has unless you are in a dedicated squad). It is very traditional BF and looks the closest in theme to the new hotness. There are a fair number of players still (nostalgia darling).

BF1: The theme is both there and not. Everyone is running around with automatic weapons which really kills the WWI vibe. However, the open spaces punctuated with trenches, fortifications, and craters in no mans land while everything explodes around you and gas forces a mask makes this one feel pretty neat. They also built out upon the traditional (conquest) play with modes like Operations which shares a lot of resemblance to Rush of BF Bad Company (a HUGE favorite of mine) that carries across multiple maps for a sort of MP campaign. I didn’t like BF1 when it came out, but found something worth liking and playing the last few days. It is a notable visual boost over BF 4. While considered superior to BFV in the internet hate, it has the least players in my experience.

BF V: Everyone hates it. Or something. I actively am still trying to see why. I know there was the whole “no women in WW2 with robot arms” kerfuffle that somehow ignored the rest of BF absurdities, but I don’t think that is the reason people still hate it. I like the experiment with new modes in BF V. I have played a lot of Breakthrouh (also a descendant of Rush) the last few days, but Frontlines and the Tower one are interesting while Conquest is okay (for my tastes). I like the theme of WW2 and really enjoy the re-imagining of Iwo Jima in Breakthrough in BF V. Time to Kill seems to get faster with each game which I don’t care for. Vehicles use seems rather subdued as tanks are rare and work best as a vehicle support/ sniper than a pushing element. I do really enjoy the squad elements of every class being able to resurrect a squadie and personally enjoy the economy of ammo, med packs, and inferior personal single use bandages. Also BF V looks GREAT. It is the first game that I have gotten use out of my RTX along with an ultra wide monitor in a modern looking FPS. It is quite immersive as I sit at my desk. While hated, it is also the most recent game, so player numbers and game options seem high still. I also didn’t experience the hacking worries that others talk about.

Having revisited all 3 for a chunk of hours each in the last several days, I am playing V the most.

Shorter summary= I owned the basic version of 4 and 1. I started there and enjoyed both for different reasons enough to buy V. I enjoyed V enough but for different enough reasons that I bought Premium upgrades (all the maps and expansions for basic editions for $8) for 4 and 1. I think all 3 are fun and offer unique takes on the BF franchise. I can see a me of the future playing 1, V, and 2042 (replace 4) on sporadic rotation.

As a side note, my BF super friend that has a bajillion hours in the franchise hates 1, has hundreds of hours into V, but enjoys 4 the most (he is a gun person and enjoys the personal hook for modern weapons).

Thanks for the thoughts Chaplin. I might force myself to give V more of a chance next time.

I think a lot of the hate and anger with V has to do with the lack of support that DICE gave it, and the fact they did some major changes, then backtracked, then did it again. I mean Enders will complain about V nonstop, but he still is online playing it everyday and streaming it. If I hated something as much as he professes to, I would find something else to play.

People rave about 4, but tend to not remember that it had some serious issues for quite a while after release, and it was a long slog of DICE working hard that brought it to what it ended up being.

Of the 3, BF1 is the one I’ve played the least of, but I don’t think that has anything to do with the game.