Battlefield 2042 - DICE Goes Back to the Future, Just Not the 2142 Future

Yep, I usually know pretty quick into a match if it’s gonna be goof off or get serious time. I enjoy both which helps!

I will check out he new Xbox controllers for sure. My big pain point is my left thumb so i tend to get controller fatigue quick but game to try them if their better than last gen… I also tend to smash the keyboard with it (space bar) so have had to retrain myself somewhat in regards to that as well.

RTX3080 is spectacular, you’ll love it. Wish they would fix HDR on pcs already. Come on Microsoft!

I try to play a few hours of Warzone a night, just to keep my mad skilz up. ;) I’m strictly solo as my gaming buddy thinks multiplayer COD is too hard, and I don’t like playing with randos.

A few weeks ago I picked up a new pre-built PC from NZXT and went from a 1070 to a 3070. Whoo Boy! You can really tell the difference and it’s definitely helped my kill ratio. The steep learning curve in the early days really did a number on my KD and I’ve just now got it up to .99. With the new GPU I usually get at least 2 kills a game, with the occasional 4-5 kills.

Head on a swivel is exactly right! I also had to train myself not to “run and gun” and rush headlong into a firefight. Now I try to take the time to stalk my prey. And if I get a chance to watch them for a little bit you can sometimes get an indication of other players that they may be tracking too. If you’re lucky they’ll initiate a fight with another player and you can get two easy 3rd party kills. I find that if I concentrate on simply surviving to the end game I can get a few kills along the way.

EA Play stream here in 25 minutes:

lol, knives vs defibs

So Bf1942, BFBC2, and BF3 bits in portal at launch. I wonder if that means it will expand with other titles

I don’t understand this at all.

Battlefield Infinity.

If they’ve really got animations within the game of the player characters looking puzzled as they look down at the paddles or knives in their hands, I’ll be super impressed.

Time travel confirmed!

I hope to kill many in the future on my horse with sword.

PC Specs from Tom Henderson…

That’s a bit weird. I assume the minimum is an i5-6600K, but the recommended is then the i7-4790?

Yes. Recommended on the right.

Looks like Western Digital and Battlefield 2042 have a promo going on:



BiliBili? Learned something new today.



Saw this coming. I figure they’ll push back again into 2022. Supposedly the new Warzone map ships a week after this new date. They’re so screwed.

I just got a free code for this game, so of course it is now pushed back.

Damn, was really looking forward to this. Not unexpected but still disappointing.

awww :-(