Battlefield 2042 - DICE Goes Back to the Future, Just Not the 2142 Future

I played a lot of BF2042 tonight. It’s got some really great moments. I’m definitely not that down on this game. I just held a point with a tank for an entire first round on Breakaway and destroyed two Little Birds, a few of the speedy tanks, a few Hovercraft, one Condor and one MBT from the other team as well as plenty of equipment and players. I would really like to have a scoreboard to see how well I did, but until then I should probably record gameplay to go back and watch it.

Before that, we had a nearly successful attack on Discarded that stalled out on the last point, which is very small and in a really lousy location. That needs some fixing. I was using Falck all night. Those full health revives are super useful in tight quarters. Smoke grenades for cover. The healing pistol came in handy a few times and of course dropping a health box never hurts. Kills mainly came from using the first SMG although I flipped to the DM7 toward the end.

Anyway, this game definitely feels like the others in the most important ways. I’m still moving from cover to cover and working to keep the team afloat. Tanking is superb. I had a nice run in a Hovercraft too. One thing I appreciate is there are a LOT of targets with the upped player count. It occasionally bites you when you get overrun, but that’s inevitable in Battlefield. Eventually they’re gonna find you and end you.

Check out the Portal-based Wingsuit trainer in JackFrags’ latest video.

In a vehicle I find the game to be okay. It’s the non-sniper infantry play that I find pretty atrocious. Spawn points are often 200m out from an objective with little to no cover (some maps are a little better than other). There’s no flow to the maps at least in Conquest. Even something like Manifest which should provide decent cover doesn’t in practice due to Sundance and Grapple Hook Dude.

One of the main reasons why I disliked Call of Duty compared to Battlefield was in the former I always felt it was too spammy. Turn and shoot the guy on the left before the guy to your right can kill you, that kind of thing. Battlefield 2042 feels even worse in that regard when it comes to infantry gameplay. Any time you’re infantry out in the field you’re just meat for snipers, tanks, and the 7 enemy hovercraft on the map. Any time when you’re at a control point, you’re always lit up due to everyone chucking proximity sensors.

I don’t find it possible to play tactically and get good angles (as infantry) like I could in previous Battlefield games which is a bummer. I’ve always really enjoyed the infantry/vehicle mix in the Battlefield series but I liked the infantry play. In this one it feels like if you’re not in a vehicle, why bother for most of it.

EDIT: Breakthrough can help mitigate some of the flow issues to a degree, but I dislike the gameplay in general. Feels like there’s too many players and vehicles for the game mode to be interesting, at least with the way the maps are designed.

I really didn’t feel like infantry play was that different while playing last night from any other BF game. Again, I play Breakthrough because of the focus it provides. I was also lone wolfing all night (although with some good squads who I could never talk to) and never felt like I was just getting ground up over and over.

Most of the points have undulation in the approach. Are you using the natural defilade provided by the height of the ground to move left and right to new cover along your approach? If you’re running straight into a point, yeah, there’s always going to be expanses where cover is light. Use those defilades to peek the approach. Find the sniper glint and plan your movement accordingly. Also, I cannot recommend enough to carry smoke. Even those open approaches are able to be crossed using a couple smokes. This is how Battlefield has always been if you want to stay boots on the ground. I’m using the same skills I learned in BF4, BF1, and BFV. I honestly didn’t know how to play Battlefield games properly until like a year or two ago. Prioritize survival, not kills. Don’t be the guy on the prox sensor in the middle of the point. That’s a fool’s game. You are correct that you’re always lit up and then dead. Play differently.

That’s not to say you have to be in a vehicle either, although it certainly helps during an approach to a point. That said, all vehicles are targets. I know when I’m in the tanking seat I’m hitting those things first before individual players.

Ultimately, points have to be taken by infantry players supported by good vehicle play. I think this game gets that pretty right and having 64 players pushing hard to take those points allows for some victories by overwhelming force where you never really felt that as much with the lower player count per side. It really is all out warfare in 2042 because of sheer numbers, especially if your team isn’t just running in getting ground up. The maps are huge. Use all of it. Even in Breakthrough I see people just beelining to a point. Change it up!

Also… I think this is a new link with the specific updates coming tomorrow…

Smart Dogs

No doom and gloom. Just a note.

Patch is out. I think it really helped. I was using an AR and hitting targets at range reasonably well. It certainly seemed more accurate than before. Also, everyone is revivable. I didn’t see a single player stuck in the geometry that I couldn’t help out. I also saw a team beat my team on Discarded in Breakthrough, which if you know that last point, isn’t an easy thing to do, but I think with these minor changes (Hovercrafts seem way more vulnerable) that it really balanced things out a lot more.

I managed to snake a Bolte (light tank) from someone since I haven’t unlocked it myself and that thing is pretty awesome. Looking forward to getting it unlocked. It isn’t the same as having an MBT to keep you safe, but it does have serious hit and run power.

In general, I see people playing better too. Now that the maps are better known, it’s clear there’s a bunch of cover. Defending is always harder IMO because they know where you’re going to be so occasionally you bite it from people just laying down fire on a location, but overall this feels better already.

Highly recommend this video.

Holy fuck. Is a cap point on top of a skyscraper the most fucking dumb decision ever. OMG what a stupid decision, did they not playtest this thing?

Also, pretty much nobody revives in this game. You can revive a guy twice in a row, then get downed yourself beside them and they will just ignore you.

Revives only happen when I kill someone on the other team. Then I get shot and as I lay there bleeding out they get rezed.

lol people don’t even bother waiting around to see if anyone will revive them - as medic you are running around never quite making it to downed folk before they just give up. Then you are summarily ignored by teammates running right past you everytime you are downed trying to rez someone yourself.

Smoke grenades are the reviver’s friend.

There is a patch coming that might help that (don’t know if it was today’s patch). In BF5 the hud would tell you a medic is approaching and how far away.


As for me, now that I’ve unlocked a lot more stuff, I’m really starting to like the specialist system.

Specialists are pretty cool. I was playing with @Jason_McMaster last night and noted how Falck gives full health on revive. Kind of a big deal if you prioritize getting people up in the heat of a fight on a point or even out in the open and have to move to cover. I’m also finding myself “shooting” teammates often with health. I kinda want a similar Tactical gadget in Warzone!

It may not be one soldier per class now, but I think allowing players to kit out how they want or need to at any given moment for the fight at hand is worthwhile. Compare that to Bad Company 2 Portal where Medics always have an LMG or one gun from a much smaller selection of options. There are teamwork enforcing benefits to that approach (BF1942’s bazooka soldier being the most defined role of them all. Good luck handgunning everyone you meet besides tanks.) where more definition means more specialization in squads, but I’m not sure that’s all that much fun sometimes.

I spent a whole round shooting heals at everyone. Never fired a single bullet from a gun but may have run over a few people here and there in transport. It was on a Hardcore Portal server as well with FF on so teammates would freak out until they realized my bullets were the healing variety :)


Fuckers! :D

I like it so far, having more fun in the slightly more hardcore Portal experiences. Spent some time flying choppers today and tweaking control settings. Desperately needs some team comms, as teamwork suffers greatly, but that cuts both ways, I suppose.

Watched a sniper tutorial the other day, loaded into Discarded, one shot killl my first shot from good range. Proceeded to not hit anything else for 15 minutes! lol

It’s getting slightly better, I was rezzed four times in the same game yesterday!

Yep, sniping for me is very streaky as I get Headshots in spurts. I find that sometimes I wait to long for a “perfect” shot and need to just pull the damn trigger already before I miss my chance. I’ve been sniping with turret guy a lot. I throw it out as distraction and then shot from cover right near it. People get cocky when all the see is a turret and will expose themselves, especially at far range as the aim for turret sucks. It 's also really good for covering your 6.


I actually see a lot of revives in a game. I’m doing them. My pals I’m playing with are doing them. Randoms are doing it, but moreso when I play Breakthrough than when I play Conquest. The randomness of Conquest I think also contributes to people not being as likely to do revives. It’s so important though for retaining tickets.

Here’s a good video for some ideas on how to play (and shows a wacky bug Broken ran into) and more importantly is just straight streaming gameplay with no edits so you can see how Broken Machine just flitters about flanking and helping on defense. Another thing I like is it shows how you have tools and shouldn’t forget about them. Calls in a Bolte. Calls in a Ranger. Uses the Bolte mainly for movement and not assault… which is a little toxic given the need for tanks in the fight, but also could have resulted in the start of a re-cap of A1.

He explains the utility of this specific LMG. Also notes the suppressor, which you really should try to unlock on at least one automatic weapon so you can close assault without being on the radar.

BTW, I’ve added everyone who friended me here. I didn’t realize how you had to accept them in Origin the first few days. If you see me playing solo, feel free to hmu for a squad. I was on Jason McMaster’s stream last night. Good times. I join around the 37 minute mark. I bought a new monitor yesterday and am real happy with the upgrade.

I have accomplished all my life goals playing this game.

This. Swapped to Breakthrough and I’m typically being revived multiple times per round by randoms, and doing 5-10 myself (I’m a rubbish shot so saving lives is my only way of helping).

In Conquest it almost never happened.