Battlefield 2042 - DICE Goes Back to the Future, Just Not the 2142 Future

They said they won’t charge for maps in BF2042, so probably not.

That said, I can certainly see more maps being added to Portal if numbers stay strong.

Since the maps are completely updated with new graphics, I think it’s going to take a little while to get more in there. That said, they almost have to be heading down that road. It’s a completely different studio than the main studio working on All-Out Warfare.

I haven’t even touched Hazard Zone but one time. They really should have left that out and probably made it its own full free to play game.

I hope so but they have their work cut out for them to turn it around. Player counts have been cratering.

There are a bazillion fixes and slight changes in this patch. Definitely worth a read through if you’re playing.

Dude. Hazard Zone has your name all over it. I predict you’re gonna go nuts when you get back to it. Invite plz?

BTW, I think the secret to Hazard Zone must be upgrading that basic M5 assault rifle in Conquest so your basic free gun can be more competitive. Using that, you can then grind for money for better stuff?


I need a squad! I tried it as a solo, which of course you have no ability to chat with people so it was pretty hard to even figure out where to go or what to do. I might like it with peeps I know?

Yeah no voice comms in Hazard PUGs is a recipe for frustration. It’s a mode that even more relies on basic comms like ‘who’s got a hard drive spotter’ and ‘where to next’. Event the spotting system won’t cut it since hard drive location info is too vague to drop a ping on.

After playing a bunch of hours and unlocking a lot of toys, I can report that for the most part, the stuff like the tornado or the Orbital launch/explosion are a real waste of resources. They’re not all that much of an event. They don’t change the maps much, and people just ignore them and wait them out to resume whatever they were doing in that area. The only one that really has an impact on the way you play is the blinding dust storm that can crop up on the sand map.

These are all poor substitutes for the level-changing event stuff we got in previous BF games.

Guess what people are raging about after the patch?


DICE clearly has their fingers on the pulse of the playerbase. I don’t care about cosmetics really but… Santa outfits? Really?

Personally, I like it. Then again, I’ve never taken Battlefield too seriously.

I think DICE has done some Christmas easter eggs in the game in the past. Probably the reason this really rubs people the wrong way is because nowadays it’s synonymous with Fortnite/Call of Duty/etc. games having all sorts of costuming like that and BF hasn’t gone that far and stuck it in people’s faces this way until now. Their cosmetic stuff was always less outside the game’s fiction.

Also, people are clowns… I assume this was released for BFV…?

I wonder what these people would have thought when Heavy Gear II put Santa hats on the mechs for the holidays?

I haven’t taken it seriously either, bit it does come across as weird and jarring for me. Mostly I found it amusing because there’s been a lot of gnashing of teeth on various forums about the goofy one-liners from specialists not matching the tone of the games (as they perceive it) and that sort of thing. This strikes me as throwing gasoline on that particular fire, haha.

EDIT: a snapshot of /r/battlefield2042

For me, though, I just think it looks really dumb and out of place. But that’s probably just me.

I do agree that it’s out of step with people’s expectations for Battlefield. I think the biggest problem with that skin specifically is it’s not very good. They just slapped some vaguely Santa-y stuff on him. There’s zero subtlety, and Battlefield players seem to appreciate subtlety.

We played Hazard Zone last night. It was @tomchick @Jason_McMaster @mono and myself. First time I really dove into the mode and these guys taught me the ropes. We had one really good run on Orbital that rollercoastered from a near wipe to a six data drive escape with one second on the clock. I think that sort of match really showed the entertainment value of Hazard Zone. You can watch from Jason’s perspective here…

…and mine here… minus my voice on my stream. I’m using a different headset now and apparently don’t have things set up right for the NVIDIA streaming to get my voice from Discord. *sigh*

Yeah, I think you may be right. The Christmas bat, for example, looks like something a soldier might dash together to be a morbid asshole. The Santa coat draped over the soldier just looks goofy.

Ya, i’m one of those that dont like it. You’re the fucking battlefield franchise, lean into your strengths, you don’t need to borrow quips from Apex (among others, probably).

It’s also something you’re only ever going to see if someone melee kills you individually. To me that’s a lot less in your face (figuratively speaking. Literally much more in your face, hah!) than seeing soldiers run around in Santa outfits and reindeer on tanks, etc.

It’s that weird problem Battlefield has always had with their skins. Because everything is more grounded than CoD, most skins are brown/grey/green/black/desert/winter etc. Very much in keeping with the military theme. But you really don’t notice that stuff on other players while you’re in a match. They could be wearing the hardest to grind skins and you’d never notice because they don’t look all that different from the default OD green uniform. That’s good for immersion, but it’s bad for showing off - which is the thing that gets people to buy skins.