Battlefield 2042 - DICE Goes Back to the Future, Just Not the 2142 Future

Manifest is my favorite by far. I really fun map on foot, flying or in tanks/etc. Top of the hill capture points underrated. Just blow the dome thingie and you can parachute in or grapple hook and hide inside. Awesome little spot to pick people off and capture/defend the point as its in the capture zone. I have spent half a map in there being a pita before getting rooted out. Nobody looks up there!

Late to finally getting around to watch this, but its so spot on imho.

I’ve lost all the urge to play this game. Back onto the virtual shelf until some significant content updates happen.

You and 90% of the playerbase, if Steam numbers are similar to other platforms. The latest 24-hour peak is 8,296. Battlefield V is at 20,000, comparatively.

EDIT: Jeez, when I look at Steam’s top 100 games, it is barely squeaking in at number 100.

This was me 21 days ago, I don’t even have it installed anymore, as I figure it will still be a few months till a new map comes out.

How can there be no upcoming content roadmap?


I’ve got to believe they’re having serious discussions on the merit of cutting bait or trying to salvage something. Yes, corporate management can be short-sighted, but you’d think this would be a clarion call that would resound to even the most dim: Your customer does not like the direction you are heading, and here’s the proof.

The counter-argument, of course, is that the direction is sound, it was just the execution that was off. The pessimist in me already knows where this is going…

Are they taking the Anthem path to success?

They might like to but EA is in a pickle. They’ve already sold content for a year, so they’re on the hook to deliver it. That’ll keep the lights on for a while no matter how low the numbers might sink.

And to be fair, they could really turn things around for BF2042 with great season pass content. I think EA is the company I’d have the least amount of confidence in delivering that, but Battlefield would be a more difficult franchise to abandon than Anthem so maybe they’ll surprise me and actually put in the work (and money).

They had to know that 7 maps on launch and no real new content updates until March was going to kill their player base. Even if the launch was great (it wasn’t) and people loved the game (woof) those 7 maps wasn’t going to cut it for months. As it is, I think Kaleidoscope is universally hated and most players dislike one or two more maps on their own.

They figured they could lean on Battlefield Portal to shore up the content, but they wound up having to hamstring themselves by cutting XP gain in Portal due to cheaters - something they should’ve known was going to happen.

Looking at the year 1 pass, who the frack would buy that.

This guy has proven his reliability on Battlefield inside info, so I can believe it.

Besides, I don’t think it takes a lot of business analysis to get the gist of EA’s feelings on the game when they put someone else in charge of Battlefield after the launch.

Exactly i would have thought it obvious given the leadership change.

Isn’t going F2P just getting more eyes on a crappy game?

You’d think they would be asking what can we do to enhance what is here and bring back the vets who loved our previous games.

Yeah I’m not seeing F2P being the answer for a while. They need to address the fundamental problems that caused 90%+ of their paying customers to walk away from the game. If they’re able to whip it into shape, then I can see F2P making sense as a way of trying to rebuild the player base.

Mostly, though, they just shouldn’t have released a turd. A lesson EA never seems to learn.

Neither do I. EA may think splitting the Hazard Zone game mode off into a F2P standalone like Warzone will work, but I feel there’s no way that mode lasts as-is. It’s just too bare compared to other offerings out already. Even Hazard Zone F2P would require some heavy work to successfully attract and keep players willing to pay for battle passes or cosmetics.

It seems to be that there are fundamentally too many poor design decisions made in this game, and fixing it after launch is a fool’s errand.

Ideally, you start a new game with all the lessons you learned, except that 2042 was supposed to have been that beast after the Battlefield V mess.

Vince basically has to rebuild the culture over there, as well as how they build games.

I wonder if EA is regretting pre-selling that year 1 pass, because now they’re on the hook.

I think the game could be turned around but it’s going to require a ton of work. And EA has just never been willing to put that kind of post-release investment into a game (see Anthem 2.0).

But isn’t it all cosmetics, so like minimal work.

There’s supposed to be a new specialist each season (4) and I’m assuming the expectation of new maps and other items to go along with it. So maybe not regretting the cosmetics part too much, but the obligation to continue investing in the game/season content as a whole, if that makes any sense.