Battlefield 2042 - DICE Goes Back to the Future, Just Not the 2142 Future

I’m impressed that they managed to do this again with BF2042 after BFV. It’s like they learned nothing. I’m kind of glad I did EA Play so at least I can potentially play some other things.

Yeah, that’s something.

EA’s on the hook for the year one pass content but you can tell they’ve already stuck a fork in this one.

I sure picked the time to come back to the Battlefield franchise after a decade hiatus, eh? :)

Me too. I gave up and uninstalled it a couple of days ago. The market is so saturated these days, who has time for such mediocrity? I really regret buying it, in retrospect I should’ve just subbed to play pro for a month. Lesson learned.

From the BF reddit:

One of my good friends is a Battlefield super fan. Every time they release a new version he tries to get everyone on board and relive his glory days of Battlefield Vietnam, which I think was his favorite in the series.

Every time we try it, it sucks and we all quit after like 2 or 3 sessions. It’s so bad some of us disappear from gaming for months. He got us all to try BF 2042 because there was a 10 hour demo and it left such a bad taste in our mouths we haven’t played an FPS together since November. We played for maybe 90 minutes.

I don’t understand how Dice keeps churning out the video game equivalent of Matrix 4 or Season 8 GoT over and over and over again and EA doesn’t make changes. Their dumb Frostbite engine has not only ruined their own franchise, it ruined Mass Effect too and I hate them for it.

As I understand it, DICE forked off the BF2042 engine as soon as BFV was complete. So all of the improvements and additions made over the years to BFV never made it into 2042. And since BFV was so relatively feature incomplete at launch, BF2042 was in the same boat at launch.

But if the Next Battlefield game engine was forked off of BF2042 as soon as it was completed, and BF2042 is so feature incomplete…

It’s the definition of insanity.

Hahahaha. Oh man.

EA said in January that the 3.3 update featuring the “refreshed scoreboard” would roll out in mid to late February, following a smaller 3.2 update that would bring in changes to Battlefield Portal’s XP system and a number of performance optimizations. But the 3.2 update also introduced stability problems, which developer DICE attempted to stamp out with a hotfix released today.

“Our next update after today’s hotfix will now roll out in early March,” EA said via the Battlefield Direct Communication Twitter account, after the hotfix went live. “This is a change from our last message to you all on its intended release. The extra time will help to ensure we improve the quality of our updates, and include additional changes.”

Looks like sadly they are going the Anthem development route. Release it feature incomplete. At least they have a roadmap unlike Anthem.

There is no way in hell they are going to be able to salvage this, with a wait until Summer for content.

It is mindboggling they couldn’t throw together a scoreboard prior to release. I mean, there is already kind of a scoreboard in the game?! Frostbite can’t be that hard to work with.

Good luck.


Haha. David Goldfarb, the lead on Battlefield 3 and Bad Company 2 fires some shots.

So say we all.

Meanwhile, at DICE HQ:

Nothing wrong with putting out a weekly mission with a cosmetic reward of course. I just find it really amusing. The whole building is on fire, but here they are handing out beanies.

Oh man that is me :)

Oh yeah? I got a friend to buy Master of Orion 3 with me.

Was it Battlefield 2, that had the SAS expansion? With a Lighthouse map? I do recall playing some BF with you, but can’t remember if that was the one, or Reemul and Tals I played that one with quite a lot.

I did love BF:Vietnam as well, but never did play it as much as regular BF2.

Yep I recall a Lighthouse and running you over in a Tank while giggling.

Vietnam was the last one that IMO really had unique classes and equipment per side. The Vietcong played different than the US team on a whole and then classes within each were mostly different as well. Only the VC could create spawn points as an example. It also had some of the best digitized foliage of it’s time which made plowing through the jungle in a tank trying to scare Charlie out while blasting Fortunate Sons from it’s loudspeakers pretty awesome. That was the gameplay in a nutshell. Americans come in music blasting and guns blazing with their superior firepower while the Vietcong would run guerilla hit and run tactics. Awesome stuff and underrated.