Battlefield 2042 - DICE Goes Back to the Future, Just Not the 2142 Future

Yup. They added some concrete blocks and a bunch of cargo containers to Kaleidoscope. Pfft.

So at this point what are the business reasons for not dropping this onto EAPlay/Gamepass? That orr putting enough work into it to try and increase population and sales? It seems like their way of half-assed ‘fixes’ are far too little too late and don’t increase sales or player base.

Game is almost a year old, has had new 1 map drop since release.

How far DICE has fallen.

We thought it couldn’t go worse than BF5. We were wrong

It’s pretty high if you sort by bestsellers in the current PlayStation sale. I bet they are selling well at $29.99 on name recognition alone.

Most players aren’t as hardcore and angry about the game as the Internet makes it seem.

Ah, I don’t have a PS so don’t follow those numbers at all. Mostly I just look at players onlilne via Steam. Currently at about 5k which I guess is at least enough to not have long wait times to play.

I’m a big BF fan and I still have fun with it…shrug. Not wild about the direction they went and lack of content is surprising but I am cautiously optimistic they course correct on next one.

Season 2 starts in September along with a new map apparently. I’m waiting on them allowing Portal weapons into Conquest etc.

I’ve explained before there is precedent for what they’re doing. The new map showed the base game can be a lot of fun for people to play. Giving the game away before you have a bunch more of that is useless and you would only do that if you were sure you wanted to write it off entirely.

2042 isn’t that bad to do that. So you play the long game. Improve it with patches and content. Sell it for a nice discount. Give it time to find more audience. Somewhere down the road it’ll maybe be a PS Plus-type freebie for a month to jumpstart interest again, then hopefully people are jazzed again and you sell some more DLC and battle passes and hold out with some good will until Battlefield whateverisnext.

Were I to go on and purchase it (on sale sometime) I’d prefer to get it for my series X. Is there a way to see population for it? Although if it’s mostly played crossplay with PC I’d guess the Steam number help give a decent enough idea.

  • Season 2 coming soon with a new map, battle pass, and weapons.

  • Returning to a character class system in season 3

  • “Vault weapons” essentially older BF weapons form Portal matches being integrated into the main game.

  • Updated “Renewal” map coming in Sept.

  • Updated “Orbital” map coming in Oct.

Oh, nvm about the character class announcement. It seems they’re not locking weapon options to the classes, so it’s a label change and a half-assed attempt at best.

I’m really not even sure what the point of it is.

“Not Final and Subject to Change”

also on the same screenshot

“Description of the class goes here and does so on two rows or perhaps even on three rows.”

Do tell.

PERHAPS even on three rows! Color me excited! Perhaps…

This feels like the half assed effort they should have been putting out a few weeks after release.

Cargo Containers: The Game

I love the lore stuff that means nothing in this game.

I don’t even care enough anymore to click the link. :)

Here are some of the next season’s unlockable bits.

I wonder how they’ll handle the weapons and vehicles for the people that missed the first season?

Ah! This is how they’re handling the older season’s unlockable stuff:

New Feature: Assignments

Assignments are missions that allow you to unlock new hardware such as weapons, or the gameplay content from a previous Season. You can browse the Assignment for all unlockables via the Collection screen to see which criteria you need to complete. They are permanently available, so you can work towards unlocking them at your own pace.