Battlefield 2042 - DICE Goes Back to the Future, Just Not the 2142 Future

I like the new exposure map. The rework of some of the maps like Orbital seems to be going well too. I really hope they don’t kind of leave it hanging after they’ve finished the year 1 pass content. Do more like BF4 where they continued to improve the game, and add content making it a great game in the end, and not like BF5.

One thing I noticed the other day is that even though progression is cross-platform, battlefield coins apparently are not? So it you are doing battle pass depending on when you hit certain levels you could end up with coins split across your platforms. Or at least the left over coins I have from buying the pass are only showing up on xbox, but not pc.

Stuff like that never transfers. It’s all because it’s tied to the store of the platform holder you bought the coins from (or where you earned them). Pretty much all games seem to work that way in my experience.

I’ll need to keep an eye on it, and make sure I’m on the same platform when close to one of the coin levels.

Definitely. I did that with Warzone. I’ve got CoD points stranded on the PC.

One nice thing I noticed is you can complete all of the non-bonus missions for earlier weeks in the season, which helps catch up on season tiers.

And there it is. Battlefield 2041 coming to Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play subs in December.

You are welcome. I just picked it up on sale in the past couple weeks, so of course that was what they were waiting for before making the move. :)

I have to say this bit from the following article makes me disappointed with DICE:

Insider Gaming understands that the developers had huge long-term ambitions for its post-launch content, but the game’s poor reception and sales led the studios to abandon these plans.

Internal documents and images, provided to Insider Gaming under the condition that the documents never went public show post-launch content that would be consistent with multiple maps per month, including huge support for Battlefield PORTAL.

So the one thing that probably would have the best chance of salvaging things for them with the game got abandoned, because once again they screwed up the launch.

Sad to see what happened to one of my favorite franchises. Glad they cleaned some of the top Dice leadership out. Shame they bailed out on BFV and now BF2042.

They apparently are planning content after season 4, but it remains to be seen what it will actually be.


The game is good. The bugs are (mostly) gone, the revamped maps are solid, the bf moments are there in spades. When it hits gamepass/ ea play check it out. My only wish was a playerbase split from kbm & gamepad. I haven’t stopped playing since release.

Anyone played this on both PC and xbox? It seems to me when using the same controller settings on both pc and xbox that the controller is slower like it has a lower sensitivity on pc.

I guess we’re actually in the future now. A railgun and a rail-tank.

For a railgun I’m surprised that tank shot was noticeably dropping at such a short distance. Gameplay reasons I guess.


Heh, that would be funny if they had something like that show up on release day.

With weekly missions from previous weeks, minus the bonus mission, being available to be completed I was able to progress far enough with season 2 to get enough battlecoin or whatever it is called to be able to grab season 3 tomorrow.

Now to start working on the CoD battle pass a bit.

It’s on Gamepass now.

I got in one conquest round on Spearhead this morning before I needed to run some errands. Was pretty fun, and wasn’t getting beamed constantly by the railgun yet.