Battlefield 2042 - DICE Goes Back to the Future, Just Not the 2142 Future

I think I noticed when someone did it on a stream. I play Angel a lot so it is pretty rare where it would be an issue for me.

They have stated that they are already working on at least one new Battlefield game. It’s no secret. At the same time they are continuing to support bf2042. They’ve announced support beyond season 4.

I believe they are working on multiple BF titles. A new normal one and then a single player spin off set in the BF “universe” whatever that is.

Bring back Bad Company, you cowards.

Are you able to play a medic again in this latest one, hopping around healing and reviving for the most part?

Yeah, medic is all I play.

Falck is really fun since she has a healing dart that works at range and her passive revives teammates at full health.

Ah nice, might have to pick this one up after all. I really miss that in MW2 since it’s my favorite way to play.

Wake me up for titan mode.

I quite like this when I get to play but why does it make me sit through all kinds of XP tallying up instead of finding the next match?

And then stick me in a match with seconds to go :/

Downtime between matches has been an issue for the past few games. It’s bad. It’s even worse if you try to quit out of matchmaking.

Contrast it to the relatively ligtning quick between match times in CoD.

Yes, the matchmaking in 2042 is annoying compared to what we used to get. I don’t know if it just spins up an instance in some cloud service for each round or what the deal is, instead of just having you sit on one server with a map rotation. They also don’t make it very obvious. They should at least put a button at the bottom to click saying take me to the next match.

It’s been really bad since BF1. You couldn’t even leave a game between matches in BF1 unless you did it immediately after the match ended. Start looking at your score/stats and you’re gonna have to load the next map.

It all reinforces that their codebase is a fucking disaster behind the scenes. It just carries over from game to game and it’s a nightmare.

So today they announced that will at least be a season 5 which was more specific than the original announcement of content beyond season 4. They also said the season 5 map will be something that was last seen in BF4. I wonder if it will be one of the Final Stand maps, or with them talking about it being overgrown it had me thinking of maybe Zavod.

Rogue transmission! Hmm, so many good ones. Why I really wish they had just gone all in on Portal. I really just want a BF Portal game. Throw in some time travelling shenanigans nonsense and just bring in every damn good map/gun/vehicle from every game and let’s go! Here’s the toys, here’s the battlegrounds and now you go make the gameplay/modes. Bonus points for making everything as destructible as possible.

Yes, I was really hoping for a lot more from Portal and it sounded like the original plan was for there to be a ton of content, but then with how poorly things went at launch it was dropped.

Portal also presented the problem for DICE (that they somehow didn’t anticipate) that if you let players set the rules they’ll use it to farm XP. I don’t know how they didn’t anticipate that but since launch, they wound up having to renege on their promise that players could make the same progress in all modes which just pushed people to prioritize modes with full XP over Portal.

I think now depending on how the portal server is set up you can get full xp, but the way people were trying to use it for farming has been gimped. There are still servers I guess where people just ferry folks around in a heli to cap objectives, which sounds like a grand time. :)

Free to play on Steam this weekend.

Should be on Xbox as well.

Concept art for the season 4 map:

the map that will arrive will be smaller, shorter, and linear designed for up close and personal, close-quarters combat that Battlefield is famous for.